Monday Brief: More Facebook Home, iRadio, the Lumia 720, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 15 Apr 2013 08:29 am EDT

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Monday Brief: More Facebook Home, iRadio, the Lumia 720, and more!


Thanks for putting a smile on my face..... the only good thing about Monday's.

whisper *karate chops*, had to rewatch it.

Good stuff. WP Central " well here it is, its yellow, heres the back, which is ...yellow, look at these three dots..." hai-YA!

Jinkies Ashley, I'm pretty sure "The 411" isn't what the kids are saying anymore .... cause I was saying that like 20 years ago ;)

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I love viewing these monday brief but ever since the new crackberry site went live the videos do not show embedded on my playbook and when i got to youtube and search for it i have to hunt it down. Very not friendly. Can you folks provide the "visit this on youtube" link you provide on the mobile devices. What i do now is load this page up on my 9900 and choose view on playbook for the bigger screen

Great Monday brief usual. You mentioned you would save the "Adult Version" for your podcast. What podcast are you on? Was trying to search for NSFW podcast which was posted on the bottom of the screen at the end of the Monday brief but couldn't find anything.

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Yes, I'm like a swearing, drunken pirate on my podcast. Not for everyone, but those who usually subscribe tend to enjoy it. Also, bonus: BlackBerry's own Alex Kinsella was on last week's show!

Guys, you really have to check the Techfoolery podcast. It's Howard Stern but with a hot and smart blonde, and a good funny chap!

I am subscribed with Nobex, but I'd prefer to use the Techfoolery app, if only it had the download option in the menu!

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I miss the old CrackBerry. Back. When the homepage would load on a legacy device. Back when photos and videos from the blogs actually showed up. I've been patient but its getting old. I've been forced to get news from other sites that leave much to be desired. to go to Youtube and hunt down the Monday brief video so I can view it.