Monday Brief: New RIM CEO, iPad textbooks, Iconia A200, new webOS czar, Windows Phone to overtake iPhone?

By Ashley Esqueda on 23 Jan 2012 09:31 am EST

the brother

Great shirt. Thank you for watching



screaming like a girl at a justin bieber concert... seriously kevin? :P


I didn't even look at the briefing, but your comment made me chuckle.


I speak for all male CrackBerry fans when I say... Thank you for the video, please make more ;)


Did she actually say anything? I was distracted by her shirt and the fact that it looked like it was going to disintegrate at any minute...


I said it before and I'll say it again, hot! hot! hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whats with the hand swipe across the head at the end?


A salute... apparently.


Do you shop for your clothes at Kids Gap????


Good show Ashley. I hope you keep these shows coming.


God she's so obnoxious, couldn't stand listening to her


Thank you, I was wondering if I was the only one who found her obnoxious...


Wtf? I like the fact she's so casual and think she's quite funny. I'd probably be slightly less interested if it a guy though :D

Ashley: How'd the week with the BlackBerrys go? Or have you not managed to score any yet? Can we get a full report from a BB newbie perspective please?


you don't like then don't click on the video pretty simple, then we wouldn't have to read your worthless posts. Keep them coming Ashley. I like that you have zoomed out the camera for a better shot! The best part about Monday!!!!!!


Hey...alright! A lavaliere microphone!! No more hollow audio!!


Now about the editing..


Oh Mama!! Ashley is my favorite anchor of all time!! She has the perfect mix of intelligence, wit, sass, humor and hotness!!

I seriously have no idea why she doesn't have own show somewhere on TV. What ever she's getting paid, it is not enough!! I crave more Ashley. I would watch her show every day.

At the very least she should have own 5 to 10 minute spot on the Today Show, Fox, MSNBC, Comedy Central Daily Show, hell 60 Minutes... I'd watch her where ever she goes.

But for now I will cherish her on our very own Crackberry/Mobile Nations!


sigh... they just don't make v-neck shirts like they used to...


haha...i totally agree with buddy above. like enough with the teasing already. yes we can all see they are spectacular, so just give us what we want. and we want some more sexier, tighter, yet elegant outfits. or just take it off and give us a brief in ur briefs. :p xo