Monday Brief: January 2, 2012 - The Making Of

By Ashley Esqueda on 2 Jan 2012 08:54 am EST

2012 is here and to help get things kicked off on the right foot we present to you -- Mobile Nations: The Making Of!

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Monday Brief: January 2, 2012 - The Making Of


That's awesome Ashley. Your husband is a very lucky guy.

On a side note...for being such a huge web celeb, one would think you'd have much more posh surroundings.

I loved the video - until she said something about a husband or so... ;)

Maybe she said hush brown. IDK. ;)

That's great and all...but your audio still sounds extremely hollow. Notice the Green screen and the Chimera light...but you stil need to invest in a wireless lavaliere microphone. Your audio sounds like it's in a tin can..

Too much trying to be funny and not enough of actually funny.

After watching JennaMarbles videos on YouTube these have started to feel like cheap knock offs.

Wow there are people actually judging the video. You guys need to have a new years resolution of calming down. Ashley, I think the video was very funny and you two are total dorks that seem would be the kind of people that would be fun to hang with. Good stuff.


I think you may have just disappointed much of CB nation. LOL

Loved the video. Glad to see a Latina representing the geeks!

More merengue, less Gaga.

Haha, great way to ring in the new year! Best wishes for 2012, Ashley and husband!

In regards to the comments about "more posh surroundings," I think its to their benefit that they are more "like the rest of us" so to speak. Besides, who needs posh surroundings, as long as you have room to game!

We like Ashley.............Ashley good.......

I had no idea the complexity or the huge staff required for the production of the Monday brief...I wonder who does the catering ?