Monday Brief: iTunes 11, an official launch window for Windows Phone 7.8, BBJam Asia, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 3 Dec 2012 09:02 am EST


All I can say is: I like the way she wears her hair today.


I still think she needs to start the volumizing regiment I have been asking her to do for weeks.


What do you suggest for me? My hair is dry and getting thin.. anything I can do? lulz.

Kevin Michaluk

I only use Morrocan Oil shampoo and conditioner on my long following locks.


I would listen to this guy, guys. If anyone has sexy hair, its Kev.


lol "following locks". @kevin quit letting your hair type for you :p


Go with the toque? ;)


Dude! WTF?! Do you have any people skills at all???
Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass, then take behavioral development classes, get a job, lose some weight, and then move out of your mom's basement.


Man! No need for that - he was talking about hair.


I know he was talking about her hair. Ashley is one of the most beautiful people on the planet. I've seen her get involved on the comments section, so I know she reads them. And for "Bold until hyprid comes" to make suggestions on how to make her look better over and over again (as he says) is absolutely absurd.

I doubt very much that it is easy for Ashley to get in front of the camera every single week as it is. And then for her to have to read comments like that above, is not cool. Not cool at all..

He clearly has no clue.. And he needs to stop hassling her about what to put in her hair.


That hairstyle looks a lot better on Ashley than Hillary Clinton. I just betting that sweater wouldn't look as good on Hillary either.


What year is it again? haha

Good info as always.


Coffee, PlayBook, Ashley, I have been briefed. Time to get the Monday rolling.


Why is the audio on these videos so low? It stops me from watching any of them.


Ramp up the volume then? I always do. Or use headphones.


Ahhh.. Another video from beautiful, intelligent and witty Ashley. I absolutely love watching you. My days are litterally made better because you.
Thanks for the excellent as always Monday Brief.


Beautiful update, beautiful sweater, beautiful Ashley! Thanks...
P. S. - I'm all good with the hair!


BB 9800
BB Playbook OS 2.0

Ashley looks like she was crying before she shot this video.


If I were to somehow meet some of the ppl on these forums on the street... I think 95% of the time, you'd all creep me the hell out.


Shame on google if they disable the LTE (HSPA++) radio toggle. Shame on microshaft (pun intended with a LOL) if they don't give windows mobile (phone) 7 owners the windows mobile (phone) 8 experience. :D at least 7.8 is the best they can get anyways and I know someone who has one.