Monday Brief: IFA 2012, BB10 Hardware, a WP8 Lumia Leak, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 3 Sep 2012 09:04 am EDT

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Monday Brief: IFA 2012, BB10 Hardware, a WP8 Lumia Leak, and more!


Good job Ash. Since you have to deal with a lot of devices just thought I'd throw you a tip. Huawei is pronounced "Wah Way".

The actual PinYin is: Hua2 Wei4
The Chinese is: 华为

The name of the company does actually have a "H" sound at the beginning. Just thought I'd point out that Ash, did pronounce it more correctly with the "H".

Idk how much Ashley is paid but I can guarantee its not enough. :) Ashley for mobile nations President!!!

Is it just me or does anyone else, familiar with Linux, becomes overwhelmed with the idea of the Ubuntu login music at the end of the Monday Brief?

can't believe y'all made ash work on this holiday monday. even barbie dolls need a holiday you know. no matter how much we miss them cause they're funny and awesome. ;) Hey everybody! Happy Labour Day holiday!! :)

Happy Labor day to you too. This video was recorded last week and was uploaded on Friday (private) and made public today using her BB9900 :) lol

I don't believe PB OS 2.1 update will be available outside of beta until October. I made this suggestion last month and it looks like more and more like it was the correct my dissappointment.

But like I said before, they may drop that update to keep us masses happy until the BB10 update is released in January (hopefully). OR they may just scrap it while still in the beta stage and make us wait for BB10.

Only time will tell...