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Monday Brief: Google I/O, BlackBerry Live, the Lumia 925, iOS getting BBM... and a Fond Farewell

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By Ashley Esqueda on 17 Dec 2012 11:43 am EST


Thanks, Ashley!
Another great cast, another great sweater, and a beautiful woman to fill the whole thing out...


Ashley is certainly a class act. The camera loves her and she does a super job. We're all jealous Ashley wishing we had a woman like you.


Finally I was going through withdrawal this morning waiting.


Amelia Erhart came home after 75 years?

Was that put in there to see if we were really paying attention?

(Btw sorry I don't know how to spell her last name)


Okay.. I'm better now.


Wow, Ashley Esqueda is incredible. So flawless!


BB10 L Series in my right hand, Ashley on my left arm, and everything is A-OK.


Ms. Esqueda,

You must know that there is something other-wordly about a beautiful girl that can speak tech chic. I too appreciate your gorgeousity. Great work!!! Good look!!! In the words of varsity blues, "Ten, a frickin' Ten. "


she;'s so modestly dressed , down to earth gal , u single ?


Does anyone watch this for the info? I don't watch, but I'm actually curious.


frApple's can enjoy google maps, android DsAMsuNg Galaxy SIII CDMA's get jellybean. I like the tastes of it.

Both are sweet, but one isn't made of gelatin. ;)

Samsung can be so DAMN cool. Frapple, a turn over, or whatever it is. I haven't had one in YEARS. No pun intended. ;)