Monday Brief: Google Wallet issues, BB DevCon Europe, potential iPad 3 dates, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 13 Feb 2012 08:40 am EST

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Monday Brief: Google Wallet issues, BB DevCon Europe, potential iPad 3 dates, and more!


Though I know it won't happen, one can always hope that Apple forces their manufacturers in China to improve the working conditions for the factory employees. I already feel bad for the workers who will die in the next plant explosion while trying to churn out the new product.

+1. Apple owns this issue 100%. It won't happen soon, but Nike tried the same stuff years ago ducking and dodging these issues until they finally had to correct them because of consumer pressure.

I don't think the same consumer pressure will ever be applied to Apple though. People these days have their sense of entitlement and sheepish following of wanting and needing the product now now now.
They might feel bad for about 2 seconds when they hear that 4 people died in an explosion and 40 injured/burned. But when they see that shiny new IPad with Angry Birds and Siri, they forget all about it.
Companies like Apple come in one year and say your manufacturer cost should be X. the next year they say now it should be X-10%. Where do they think that 10% savings is coming from? Longer hours for employees and poor maintenance of facilities.

Google Wallet issues my ass. I guess I have to go to the Huffington Post to get real teach news:

ITunes users report Mysterious Charges (Apple, No Comment). iPad Citi Bank App Hacked, but let's all keep quiet about Apple issues. :>

Ashley, you are the best! Pure perfection... I wish you could brief Mobile Nations every single day.

haha..that's a great still. i don't know anyone who's this excited on a monday. it's like Christmas morn for ash lol.