Monday Brief: Facebook Home, iOS 7, and a major webOS contest

By Ashley Esqueda on 8 Apr 2013 08:28 am EDT

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Monday Brief: Facebook Home, iOS 7, and a major webOS contest


It's nice that you come to the thread anyway to...

Actually, what exactly ARE you doing in this post, if you don't watch the show? Staring at the thumbnail, waiting for something witty to pop into your brain?

Someone obviously can't take an April Fools joke.

"The force is strong with this one..."

Good breifing as always Ashely!

LOL not sure if everyone one sees the same thing as what I am seeing with the CB10 app, but the youtube preview pic is not the same as the webpage preview above.

HEY!? Ashley, absolutely love everything about you but .... what happened to the Jungle hair?

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Lol, "Washed it as Usual". Sometimes Ashley we need to get (or stay) a little dirty. You owe us some jungle hair ;)

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lol who got April Fooled? I knew it was too good to be true. Keep it up Ashley.

Anyone else have issues when you watch this weekly that if you watch within CrackBerry in full screen that the video doesn't go full screen it goes to a very small format in landscape. I have to keep it in portrait mode to have a decent screen size, or landscape with the video at the predefined size to be normal.

Ashley - great as always. I wonder, though: how would you look with raven hair? Brunette?
Idle thoughts from an infirm mind...
May the farce be with you! ; )


ehm... she will look like a talented and attractive young woman who can only look better as a blonde. So, no need to experiment and no need to EVER bring this up again!
_narrow escape_

I got the "video is private" message as well. It's too bad as I was looking forward to Monday brief. Hopefully they fix it.

Ashley ...... I can't view this. Can you please help?
You are so beautiful, and I need my Monday Ashley fix. Please, Please, Please help.
I will do anything ...... anything ....... just name it.


Too much man...

Word of advice. Dont give girls too much credit, they'll look right past you and head for the guy who turned his back to her.

Private :(. Is it because we're trying to access from the crackberry Site and there's no new Blackberry news in this week's report? ;)

Kevin, i can understand wanting to keep a video of Ashley private .... but please let us see this one !

Is also showing as private on

Hi Ashley,I love your show.......... was the camera's focus changing during the video? I can only blame the new management for budget cuts if it was.....Perhaps my visor needs cleaning?...........

Ugh...can we get somebody else to do these videos? She tries to be's not funny. She tries to tell me an interesting story, I can't listen long enough because of the grating voice and the bobbing head...oh, and put a proper shirt on.