Monday Brief: Editors-In-Chief Look Forward

By Ashley Esqueda on 23 Jul 2012 08:53 am EDT

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Monday Brief: Editors-In-Chief Look Forward


its so sad how everyone says siri is the biggest and baddest voice recognition, well sorry apple android just kicked your a+* ios will not be the big mainstream devices as soon as bb10 hits and the better wp8 gets and android ios wont be seen as much as it is now. the dont innovate they take everones ideas and functionality and use it and say oh look what we invented. but apple i cant wait to see you guys get your a*& beet by the competition.

...I actually find that Vlingo App on BB works immensely better than Siri and the one on Android...

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I need to re-record that workout video clip.... I'm skinnier / buffer and more tan now! Lol. Seriously... that's gonna haunt me the rest of my life. I wish there was an undo button on the internet.

LMFAO did you see kevin at the end of the video with no shirt on and the weights, such a goof ball =D


CrackBerry nation may get caught wearing beer goggles on the weekends but at least we sober up come Monday Brief, but Daniel is on a Yagger bender, 365.

To every one laughing off win8 possibly taking Rims spot. I wouldnt be surprised if they actually pull it off. They have more money and better development. Also having full integration with tablets, pc's and the xbox. Thats sure looking better then what Rim will offer. Dont get me wrong I believe in Rim and them doing well. But if microsoft plays it right, Rim might end up sitting in 4th place on the totum pole. Here's hoping not. Remember when Rim thought apple iphone was going to be a big gimmick, look what happened their.

RIM's not losing marketshare because of the iPhone. They are losing marketshare because they did a hardware refresh to signal a move into consumer devices, not a software revamp. They started making Pearls and Curves when they should have made Pearls and Curves AND started work on BB 10 (or something similar). In 2007.

The Windows Phone guy is disgustingly biased and, frankly, out of his mind. For all their integration and all the money that has been thrown at the platform, Windows Phone 7 can barely become a fifth place spot, behind Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows MOBILE. Now, they have to either convince Lumia owners to buy another possibly dead-end device (WP 7.8? Please.) Or, try the game again, but against iOS 6, Android 4.0, and BlackBerry 10, and try to pitch against THAT to new smartphone buyers. RIM was exactly correct to hold off BB 10 until it was perfect. Microsoft will undoubtedly launch WP8 again, bug-filled and incomplete, and continue selling Nokia slates with 1% marketshare. I'm sorry, Nokia. It's WinPhone, not you. I loved my N97.

Another fun MMB, Thanks!
Oh and if anyone is ever casting for the role of 'Bluto' Blutarsky, Phil N should audition ;)