Monday Brief: Editor-In-Chiefs Best Of

By Ashley Esqueda on 16 Jul 2012 09:04 am EDT

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Monday Brief: Editor-In-Chiefs Best Of


Good show. I hope next season brings in a different more exciting backdrop. Maybe the frozen tundra or some paint drying (still in the can). Anything would be better than the asphalt pixie dust thing goin on now. Good show though, Thor, haha, funny. The hammer of Tor wouldnt sound quite right, I get it.

Beautiful as always Ashley. Good job as well but please lose the guys. OMG Lets face it when their up against you and all the class you exhibit. i mean come on their way out of their league

Well I will stand by saying Kevin is the most charismatic geek of 'em all. Kev, you rock and I'm proud to call you our fearless leader!

Normally, the best thing Ashley brings to the table is a low-cut top, but her comment about Apple patenting Rene's story made me literally laugh out loud.