Monday Brief: December 19, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 19 Dec 2011 08:30 am EST

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Monday Brief: December 19, 2011


Did you notice the CrackBerry lead in is almost always negative? Think back to the positive news...introduction of OS 7 devices maybe.

RIM = next Palm

Fully agree!!
BlackBerry is the most amazing smartphone all over the world. I live it daily, with my family, friends and partners!!
Please, remember history!! RIM not invented data communications, but they changed it completely!! We are more than 70 million users worldwide, that´s awesome!! they know how to do the job!!

Do we want to kill our "communications mother"?

Always bad news, but how many really thanked RIM to have a better approach with your family and friends!! to have always the best experience through BBM???

God bless RIM and they will not only survive, but they will show to customers, media and competitors the best of the best!!

Why are you putting so much pressure to RIM??
They just launched BB7 great, really GREAT devices like Bold 9900. I am leaving my new Bold and I feel so great using this device!!
I don´t want to think changing it to a new BB10 device, yet!! Actually, I don´t need it yet. I am a sales manager within my Co and I also own a restaurant and BlackBerry it´s awesome!

All that Bad Marketing it´s terrible!!
I am a BB user and I love it!!

Ashley makes my Monday mornings so much better!! And yeah, please have the camera man zoom out just a little for our viewing pleasure. ;)