Monday Brief: December 12, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 12 Dec 2011 08:41 am EST


im glad WebOS went open source. hopefully that means CM9 or above might include some webos features...hint hint hint


Ashley, you seem tired at the time of this filming. Too much holiday cheer?


Seriously, how many people watch this crap? Is this a blackberry site or not??


Well, judging by the name of the site I'd say yes, it's a BlackBerry site. Just a guess though.


It's a Mobile Nations site which Crackberry is big part of. The Monday Brief is shown in all 5 platform forums.

I like this brief to let me know whats going on with other platforms even though I have no intention of switching over to them from BlackBerry. It's always good to know whats out there.


Probably more than you think. Most tech-geeks will, a pretty girl is talking to them in their language. I am sure you understand haw that is.


It's not just nice to hear, it's nice to watch.


I like this Mobile Nation Brief. Pretty cool


Faviroite part of my monday!


She used to wear more revealing shirts. I'm disappointed by this outfit.

Red Rooster

She talks about phones? Haven't even listened to half of the words. I hang in for the deep breaths and jumping jacks.....hehehe. Yeah, I are pigs....oink oink.


I like the updates and all but just a tiny bit of advice from a professional news cameraman that has been in the business of videography for 23 + years. Either invest in a clip on lavalier wireless microphone or use a boom mic to record your audio. It'd be nice to hear the update without the hollow sound and tinniness from a built in microphone on the camera.

Invest just a little and your production value will increase exponentially.

Just my $.02


how could you not like this for a Monday . Ashley is informative and has a killer rack! WIN?WIN1