Monday Brief: BBM Voice, the HTC Droid DNA, a T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 19 Nov 2012 08:37 am EST


Probably because the mini is roughly the size of the new iFad battery.


morning love the hair


Hi, Ashley,
Another beautiful sweater for a beautiful Sweater Girl.


Hi Ashley
Let me explain why the Ipad mini does not have retina display. NOT because they made it light and thin. BUT because they want them to upgrade to iPad mini 2... Why r people so blind, apple ALWAYS holds features back .....ALWAYS


Jonathank, you are so right. Every iteration of the iPhone or the iPad has these incremental upgrades that other phones or tablets have had for a long time. It amazes me that Apple is seen as an innovator these days when they unveil "the latest greatest thing", but in actuality the new phone or ipad is just thinner and lighter (with a couple of added "goodies") and people tout this as revolutionary. It's gotten a little stale for me.
Meanwhile there is all this talk about RIM and how BB10 will be DOA because it does not have anything better or newer than Android or iOS, when we haven't even seen the whole thing yet. How can iSheep flock to and incremental upgrade from an iPhone 4 to a 4S or 5 and we don't hear the argument that it's going to fail because it is not differentiating itself enough from its predecessor? Same goes for Android and its multitude of me-too devices.
No one puts down Apple or Samsung when people are buying the same recycled device when they buy an iPhone 5 or an Samsung Galaxy SIII or whatever number you'd like to affix to the end of it.
So why is BB10 DOA when it is truly a revolutionary device?



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