Monday Brief: Apple v. Samsung, Enyo on the road, Microsoft unveils new logo and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 27 Aug 2012 11:04 am EDT


WooHoo! Monday Brief! Thanks


I could be wrong but I thought it was just under $1.05 billion?


I wish both Apple and Samsung lost. I really dislike that Apple was victorious here though - they really are a group of patent trolling, piece of shit, pole smokers. Now let's add $1 billion to their egos - if the jury all circlejerking over a crumby iPhone wasn't enough...


Wow. Hate much? While patent trolling is a problem. This case was a little more than Apple creating patents they don't even utilize yet in order to stifle competition. Samsung clearly copied not only hardware, but the aesthetics of icons, and the "mechanics" of how the user interacts with the OS. As a designer I understand the importance of using successful design for inspiration and to understand why said design is successful, however, straight copying the design and passing it off as "original" is the real p.o.s., pole smokers way to competition. There is a fine line between borrowing ideas/concepts and putting your own touch on them, and stealing/infringing work, but this was clear as day.


Did Ashley say "million" oh oh! @Marcosis said $1.05 Billion...biiiilllion dollars!


Microsoft Maybe should Merge the ideas for the 3.1/95/98/Me/2000 Logo with the XP and Vista/7 logo. But having the old school, retro Windows 1.0 & 2.0 logo is fantastic.

...I'll still be using Linux full-time.


Ash looks so sad in the vid still. I'm sad too. :( you know what though, at closer observation she looks like she sarcastically mocking someone who's sad. I like her more. lol. :)


Hey Ashley Esqueda, I'd like to pull down your Monday briefs!!