Molson Canadian Seize the Summer - Where foursquare meets Canadian beer

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2010 03:06 pm EDT

To call it a unique app would be a lie, but to call it a bushel of awesome is the total truth. If you plan on rocking out this summer, you'll need to have the Molson Canadian Seize the Summer app along for the ride. While it's pretty much the closest thing to foursquare since foursquare, this app wants you to share your love of summer and earn badges along the way. You can earn a "Summer Awesomeness Badge" for doing summer stuff like mountain biking, road trips, seeing a moose, doing a cannonball or my personal favorite "barbeque a variety of meats". Each badge is in turn posted to your Facebook page so your friends know just how much cool stuff you do over the summer. During the course of earning badges you'll also be entered to win an "amazing trip" so at least you have some incentive to go big or go home. Check out the video above for more, then download the app from the link below to get started. 

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Molson Canadian Seize the Summer - Where foursquare meets Canadian beer


I have downloaded it and its not letting me connect with FB. I even tried going on my comp and trying it there....still nothing

Let me just start by saying I have done almost everything the guy said 2 years ago at camp. Waterskiing, BBQing Meat, Road Trip, See Moose, Cannonball, Mountain Bike, Inflate a beach ball, Portage (my arms are still sore), all thats left is the Dock. I guess I am Canadian. And When Im 19 Ill be drinking a beer clean, crisp and fresh as the country it comes from. Moslon Canadian!!!!!!!!!

First, I'm not a fan of the data Molson wants. What's with asking (on Facebook) for "Access my data any time Molson Canadian Seize The Summer may access my data when I'm not using the application" No Thanks.

As well, the app's not that great. The badges and descriptions take so long to load, it's of no use. I was at the Eskimos game last night...could've gotten a badge, if I knew one was available. Doesn't help that Rogers only has 2G coverage at the Stadium. I'm using wifi right now, and they still take a while to load. And you have to pull each one up individually to see a description.

Nope...this thing just wasn't well thought out...and I've got a feeling it'll disappear from my device VERY soon.