Modern Combat 4 now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2013 08:50 pm EDT

I know the BlackBerry PlayBook hasn't been getting a lot of love lately but that doesn't mean it's totally being neglected. I also know that when Modern Combat 4 came out for BlackBerry 10 there was folks wanting to have it available for the BlackBerry PlayBook because of the nature of the game and it's download size. 

Luckily, Gameloft must have heard those same concerns and as such have now released Modern Combat 4 for all you BlackBerry PlayBook owners out there. Just in case you're not familiar with the game, you get to take on the role of an elite soldier who must track down and protect the worlds leaders and protect them from a terrorist group. In short, it's a pretty epic game and right now it's available for only $.99

Download Modern Combat 4 for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Modern Combat 4 now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


FINALLYYY. The first two (well, MC2 and MC3) were great on my PlayBook, then I got the MC4 on my iPod touch, but that screen is too small. So I bought it on my Z10 and while it's better to play on, I always hoped they'd bring MC4 to the PlayBook because the PlayBook is the perfect size for these types of games.

Great job Gameloft, you've made a game so good, I'm buying it for a third time.

Wowwww, I have been waiting for this for quite some time.

I am gonna be so wrecked at work tomorrow because tonight it's a GO!

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Can I dream I could pay only once for both versions and also sync the game progress between them?

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I love how I can purchase the same apps and games multiple times! Awesome that I get the joy of purchasing for my Z10, then later once available I can purchase for the playbook all over again. Forget about Android or itunes why would you pass up the chance to only pay once and have apps and games on multiple devices under a single account. Love that blackberry managed to split their own platform in two. I have used blackberry for years but I am really getting to toss it all and go else where unless blackberry fixes their crappy split platform and double charging of apps / games.

Pinkertt11 actually has a point. Dev support only goes so far. The actual platform has to offer something sensible and worthwhile, as well. In this case, sensible is what Pinkertt mentions. That is, unless you just enjoy throwing your money away. Now, that's a formula that hasn't even worked well for some millionaires. That 0.99 is going to add up at some point for some people. But, if supporting an app dev constantly is one of your main priorities in life, make it rain, "balla." I'm all for supporting devs and making a platform such as BB10 better, but that's a bit disrespectful to tell someone to "shut up and support the devs" when they are trying to voice a valid, sensible point of view. Try shutting up and considering all angles on the subject. It's the mature thing to do.

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pinkert11, I was referring to the staggered release of OS 10.1 updates. Made no reference to the PlayBook or gaming. It's disturbing that you'd take the time to dig through the forums to copy & paste a link for a quote. Although I approve of the way you provide backup to your statement (even though it's off lol)

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Ya, staggered releases of the OS, so where is the OS 10 update for the playbook that was promised numerous times. What happens when and if the playbook is updated, do you lose all the apps you have now as they are on the Playbook OS and not OS10. Then as it is HD, different screen size, specs etc. you get to purchase the apps all over again? How can you discuss the frustration of fragmentation and ignore the biggest one of all, their tablet is running a totally old and unique OS.

Not everyone reads every post - mass marketing, repetitive messaging, driving the point home - any of these reasons.

That is far from truth and you need to enlighten yourself. There are many apps and games in iTunes which you have to buy differently on iPhone and I pad. To be honest, recently many major games are costing much less on Blackberry.

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t is not just. 99 cents, I have over $60.00 in apps and games, so to use all apps or games on both devices if they are available for both, would cost me $120.00. In another year that could be double, $240.00. Or I can switch platforms and be done with the bleed. My kids have ipods, my wife a mini and iPad and if they buy once the app or game is available on all devices. One time, one cost. So ya, it is a major pain that blackberry has created and continue to let happen as they have failed in their promise to standardize the operating system across the platform.

Exactly! It's not about the price of one app/game but the total amount of all of it. It adds up and adds up quick..

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I think I will get this and Batman Returns as well. Nice to see these come out and at low prices. Go PlayBook!

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I didn't get it for my Phone because of the heavy use of stotage, but just downloading to my 64GB PlayBook! I'm also confident gaming experience will be better with the bigger screen....

Now all I need is BB10 for the PlayBook!

just hope the apps we have now run on pb/bb10,,, i'm guessing that won't be the case & that'll start another rampage of threads,,, i'm not gonna get carried away w/ these just yet,,, when they start giving away these as freebies then i'll make my move...

Actually guys we should show more love to gameloft that other discriminating devs.

If we show more love and support blackberry should team up with gameloft for more fluid and accelerated gaming experience.

Choose gameloft over other games.

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gameloft does make great games,,, i just wish they'd allow audio out via hdmi,,, my contact w/ them stated there are no plans for this...

If I bought the app on my z10, do I have to buy it again to download the app on my PlayBook?

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I was hoping we wouldn't need to apps coming to PlayBook just an new os and everything would come with it.

Fingers crossed for bb10 on PlayBook

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Kinda funny that my PlayBook has been relegated to my game console since I got my z10. Totally different devices but I seriously do most of the stuff I need to on my z10. Gunny thing is I'd play more games on my Z if they didn't eat my battery do much.

Jamaican me crazy bout my z10. Respect

Games like this are not meant for the touchscreen format; a keyboard and mouse are needed for optimal accuracy and enjoyment.

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