Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Time to shoot some bad guys!

By James Richardson on 31 Aug 2012 01:40 pm EDT

Fantastic news today for BlackBerry PlayBook owners. Visiting App World earlier I discovered Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was available to download. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus has always been a favourite of mine on the PlayBook so it's great that we finally get the sequel. If you enjoy shooting bad dudes and blowing stuff up this one is a must have app. Priced at $3.00 it won't break the bank and with 13 campaigns it should keep you occupied for hours.

What is hugely encouraging here is the fact that if this version of the game is now working on the PlayBook I can't see any reason why we won't see it in the future BlackBerry 10 App World. I have played the game on the iPhone and Android and the experience is just as good as on a tablet in my opinion. Should be perfect on the BB10 all touch device. Bring it on!

Features of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation include:

  • An intense 13-mission campaign with impressive cinematics and memorable moments.
  • High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.
  • Next-gen high-quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines.

If you would like to read our full review of Modern Combat: Fallen Nation before purchasing the game fear not. We should have it complete within a few days. 

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Reader comments

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Time to shoot some bad guys!


"Next-gen high-quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.... No offense these are not strictly ugly games but they are not pretty. The PlayBook is not a gaming machine. I have had mine and am a gamer. I am seriously dissapointed in the lack of selection and the mediocre games that are out for it. I love my BB's but i am just to disappointed in the offers of Apps for the PlayBook and truly believe that BB 10 is going to be to late to help. I would love to buy a BB 10 but without at least matching what Android is putting out in Apps BB will forever fade away in the the avg users eye.

I would certainly call my PB a gaming machine. Everything from Modern Combat 2 (will get 3 when I get home) and Asphalt 6 to Centipede and Galaxian running in an emulator. I think there is plenty of selection in virtually category. Your opinion obviously differs from mine. Would more selection be even better? Yes. Is there plenty of mediocre and just plain bad stuff? Yes. But PB has a very long way to go to match the amount mediocre games that are available on Android. Devs can produce and release whatever they want. If all the good stuff gets ported to PB/BB10 i will be very happy.

Off to play Ms. Pac-Man!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Modern Combat 3 is cheaper on Playbook than it is on iPad! Sells for $2.99 on App world and is $6.99 on Apple's App Store.

Where are all those people who would complain about us paying more on Playbook?

How about pack your bags now? Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. No regrets. Let us fade away in peace. btw just because you've owned a BB doesn't make comments like yours trolling.

Sadly you missed 'their point'.
Their game engine rivals these platforms you're harping on about as a gamer. They never claimed the PB has a game selection as large as them. TWO different things. Read it again.

Anyone else having problems with AppWorld?? Cant download - get ERROR ID 11400 :/

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Awesome I really hope a future update includes multi player! This game and Mc2 are two of my favorites. Now if we could only get 2.1 official. The PlayBook's like a fine wine it just gets better with age.

I saw a clip of the unreal engine on windows RT. Quite a comparison, will check it out later. Im looking forward to Assasin Creed from Gameloft. Thanks for the support, Playbook is not left in the dark.... Even if we have to wait 2 months after the initial release.

Great ... There goes my long weekend and now my wife is gonna be beechy all weekend cuz I gonna be glued to the PlayBook. Greeeat . . . . hmmm maybe I should use headphones so I cant hear her.

Organize something for her to do with her girlfriends.. or get her hammered (don't drug her like on Sienfeld when Jerry and George drugged that woman's wine so they could play with her toys) ;)

Haha !!! Wish it was that easy ... damn females. Hmmm ... maybe I can say I got called into work ?

Really like these games but it's too bad opponents don't really know how to hide unless you're playing other humans online... and then it's spawn-die-spawn-die-spawn-die...

Hey I am not trolling I am a current. BB owner I truly hope BB makes it and BB10 is looking good but BB needs to steal people away from Android and Apple and it maybe too late. Stronger apps will be needed and mediocre Gameloft games won't do it IMO but I guess the forms aren't for comments like mine

I have problems downloading this... I've tried like 5x the 1st day and it gives error message. waited 3 full days and tried again and still the same thing. i have more then enough memory and yet its still does this... someone please help

i want this game for the weekend! Ok. I seem to have hit a small bump. I have a 16GB PB. Right now 3GB's are free. I purchased the game and it gets to the downloading part, now nothing happens for a long while. And i hit refresh, it's gone. It's there in the Uninstalled list. So any ideas why it's not downloading?