Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD updated to v3.0

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD
By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2012 01:41 am EDT

Looks like Gameloft is pushing some updates to BlackBerry App World right now, Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD just got updated to v3.0 from v2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook and while there is no change log attached with this release, that's quite a jump so there has to be something worthwhile in there. If you live in one for the supported countries, Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD is still available for free so if you've not already grabbed it, now is a good a time as any to do so. Thanks, @BB_in!

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Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD updated to v3.0


I also got a notification for Slacker radio update but it's not showing up on app world. Tried rebooting but that didn't help. It's been like this for hours. Anyone else on the same boat?

Update: Nevermind it just popped up :)

Not sure what you mean, Gameloft has supported the PlayBook for months now.

Hey Bla1ze - I think what TheUnknownUser is saying is that when we contact gameloft about bugs or other issues about MC2 that they say that RIM is the one that ported the game, not them. Also, the link you provided was to the gameloft vendor site, but also seems that RIM has the same description for A6 as well as MC2 so it seems that RIM does have control over these two game ports. Another thing is that when you go to the gameloft website and look up games or platforms, they seemingly have no mention of RIM/BB/PB anywhere for game choices/downloads. Thanks!

exactly what i meant there is also two threads that have covered this a lot also. plus when we go into our GameLoft Live profile it mentions the PlayBook as an Android device something one of GameLoft's mod's made a mistake on their own forum also hehe.

I can't even see MC2 3.0 for downloading yet. I hope 3.0 includes multiplayer graphics fixes. I also hope that they come out with MC3 for the PB soon too!

Kinda funny, i grab my pb and first two apps i open is the CB app and App World. No update here though.

Edit:on an unrelated side note i'll never understand how Gamelofts game GT Racing is on version 10 already. Wasnt it released like last week sometime?

Just after going through tweets, I opened my App World and I could see buch of updates for..apps I have on my PB including Modern Combat-2 V-3.0, NFB films. Other apps updated today: RelaxBook Nature (Better audio than StessLess), GeeReader.

I was waiting for this , I'm actually Stuck on a board cuz everything was sinking .. Hope it fixes it n I'm still on the same board n level

Yeah, that was pretty annoying first time it happened to me. What I had to do eventually was restart the mission (not from the very beginning, just that mission) and make sure I didn't get killed in that elevator. Cos each time I did... Restart mission. I've finished the game since though.. Kinda short

BB 9900 + 32GB PlayBook
(where's my QNX phone?!)

Still doesn't save the log in info. BUT, I AM SATISFIED that it has loaded correctly 10 times straight. If the crashes stop too, it'll be a bonus :)

I'm downloading now. That's my problem as well. Could deal with log in issues, but the crashing and weird screens is killer

Could anyone confirm the saved progress will be kept after the update? I'm already on "Day 9, Pt. 2". Thanks!

It's a welcome update for me. I was never able to upgrade to version two, as the download progress always gets buggy and I always end up cancelling it so I definitely look forward to seeing 3.0 available.

Does anyone know if I were to download this game, then uninstall, would I be able to download it again for free after the promotion? I wanted to free up some space by deleting the promo games, then come back later when I have time to play. So far, any app I delete is still saved in My App world to download again. Just dont know if I'll have to pay for it though.

If it changes price you will be unable to download it again unless you purchase it.

That's what happened with me with Paper Planes. It was free for a week, and some months later I had to restore my Playbook, I am unable to redownload it for free.

I'm glad they FINALLY released this update, because I'm stuck on the same level where it just looks like you (and the partner dude) are just floating up in space.

BUT ... I've tried to install the update twice. Both times the download finished, but the install failed. Error message. "Please try again".

It feels like I'm trying to roll up the rim to win. No dice. No fun.

Anyone else having install problems?