Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD now free in BlackBerry App World!

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2012 05:39 pm EST

*UPDATE* Asphalt 6 HD is also available for free. Download here - Thanks, @tezg79

While we've seen the game free available a few times now, Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD is now once again free to all countries in BlackBerry App World with the exception of South Korea. If you've not managed to grab it before, go ahead and grab it now from the download link below.

Download Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD for PlayBook




I bought it last month for $.99, worth all 99 pennies!


I enjoy playing multiplayer (live) mode so much that I don't pay much mind to the occasional crashes and the fact that it doesn't save my username and password like NOVA 2 does.

FOR FREE 99... Even better!


NOVA 2 doesnt save my username and password nor does MC2 they both save it only as long as the game is up otherwise i have to retype the info everytime i open up the game


NOVA 2 HD saves it for me (always did)... Modern Combat never has...

Update: just opened NOVA 2 HD (haven't played it since I bought MC2 last month) and my username/password is still there. Try removing and re-installing, might work for you then.


Thanks RIM!!! / BlackBerry


will download once i get home. how have the reviews been for this game?


Can anyone confirm whether this game is multiplayer complatible on a cross-platform basis with the iPad version of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD?


How about I let you download this game FOR FREE and you verify for yourself :)


I'm already downloading it.

But the reason I would ask such a question on the Number 1 Blackberry forum is to avoid getting a dumbass response like yours - seriously man if you don't have a proper answer take it elsewhere.


Take it easy killer. Not that serious :)


i thought i read somewhere that states Gameloft Live is not cross platform


I managed to play cross-platform with my android phone, but couldn't play with my iPod touch, so I'd assume not - sorry!


i believe the reason you cannot play with your iTouch but can play with your Andriod is because in all the gameloft games ive purchased it recognizes the game as being played on an Andriod platform and not the PlayBook


downloading it right now.... "there was a problem during installation. Please try again".... i guess later


yes you can play against other platforms. you will notice the hackers from the iphone when they run 100mph and shoot you through rocks and walls lol


lol, Holy crap... Are you serious?

I was wondering why I run so slow compared to a few of the others. lol


Now that's a response I'm looking for, thanks buddy!


Hope you don't end up on my team in live gameplay. I'll reserve a bomb every time to kill you even if you're on my team. lol


I'm Muslim - don't count on getting the chance to use that bomb before you're sporting a pair of wings trying to bribe St. Peter :D


So I'm not crazy wondering how I'm getting shot while I'm behind a rock or wall!!!


i try to dl it and it is not showing in my app world.. any help from canada here


Wow those speeders are iphone users? Wow... Thanks for the info.


Hats off to Gameloft! I also heard that their Asphalt 6 game is free as well. Looks like they really know how to celebrate the release to PB os 2.0


Hats off to RIM actually Gameloft doesnt support our PlayBooks RIM paid them to get the rights so they could port it over. Try emailing Gameloft they'll reply to you stating we do not support the BlackBerry Playbook there is a forum on this already discussing it in further detail


I actually knew that information, but forgot. I guess the wait for the 2.0 updated is starting to get to me. Thanks for correcting me though.


its getting to me too haha i hope gameloft will surprise us and start supporting the playbook at 2.0


Bought this when it was 99 cents. Graphics are very good (nothing like say Infinity Blade, but the game looks amazing for a mobile game), and gameplay is pretty intuitive. Haven't taken it for a spin with multiplayer yet though, but it's definitely worth it for the price of FREE (seriously, why is this even a question, unless you have no memory left?)

I wonder, mayhaps this has something to do with those silly rumors about OS 2.0 being released in the AM?


Free game for Playbook! cool
Not being able to download it from app world, awesome!!!!!!!!
FML i swear to god


I feel like such a tool for downloading it for $0.99 :(


Luckily for me I also paid $.99 but it was a month ago. $.03 cents depreaciation per day for a good game. I could live with that :)....Did you recently get it?


well if you put it that way, I guess it's not that bad it was like 3 weeks ago, but I get asphalt 6 free :) i honestly have no idea how gameloft is doing this?? Maybe its an accident just like how that movie was free on PSN.


iam UK and it downloaded fine gonna play it now


Downloading 2.0 now.... The Modern Combat 2 update that is :o)


Oh! I hope N.O.V.A and Star Front become free too!




totally worth the 99cents i payed for it, great multiplayer and campaign, also asphalt 6 is really great as well


Totally worth the $$$ I paid for it !
Great game !


It just had a big update, which added 400 MB to the game. I haven't found any new things though.

I don't mind. I payed 1.50 Euro for both of the games and they were quite worth it.


ashphalt 6 adrenaline is also available free


i cant seem to download it, it is saying the selection cannot be found. not cool


Just search for the name of each app. There's a big search box in the top right of app world..


Argh!!!! It's free NOW? I should have waited...especially since I haven't really had time to play it yet. DANGBLASTIT!! Why do you mock me BlackBerry Lords?! WHYYYYYY????!!!!


Wow ashphalt 6 adrenaline and modern combat 2 both free!!!! OS2 coming tomorrow morning!
I love my playbook


I don't know who i have to thank but thank you Gameloft / Rim for theses games and their gift :)

Two HD games are really a good offer.

Merci Gameloft !


Sooooooo about those refunds.......