Control your Tesla Model S via your Z10 or Q10 with the Model S for BlackBerry app!

Have a BlackBerry 10 phone? Own a Tesla Model S? If so, then Model S for BlackBerry 10 is the app you need. Heck, even if you don't own the car you can still download the app and pretend you did thanks to Demo mode!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 May 2013 04:59 pm EDT

While BlackBerry had their pimped up Bentley on stage at BlackBerry Live showing off its amazing BlackBerry 10 integration, the hottest BB10-friendly car at the Orlando event was actually sitting in the parking lot behind the venue plugged into a charging station.

Of course, we're talking about the super fast, super sexy and environmentally friendly Tesla Model S, which thanks to the Model S for BlackBerry app gives owners a ton of control over their Model S right from their Z10 or Q10. 

Tesla officially offers a Model S mobile app for iOS and Android, but since it didn't appear they were in a rush to build one for BlackBerry 10, Mobile Nations' CEO Marcus Adolfsson took the initiative on this one to code it up himself. And yes, that's the same weekend warrior coder that wrote our award-winning CB10 app. Marcus wrote Model S for BlackBerry 10 in a weekend (about 26 hours of actual coding time), and the app according to many Tesla owners is said to be as good and even better than its official counterparts on iOS and Android.  


Model S for BlackBerry Features

With Model S for BlackBerry you can check the status of your Tesla S and control it right from your BlackBerry 10 phone:

  • Battery Level and Range remaining (ideal, rated, estimated)
  • Vehicle Status (Opened Doors etc)
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Sunroof (Close, Vent, Open)
  • Climate Control (Set temp, On/Off)
  • Honk Horn, Flash Light
  • Charging Status
  • Charge time remaining
  • Charging data (volt, amps)
  • Car Location on Map
  • Active Frame that shows Battery Level when app is minimized

It's a feature rich app that any Model S + BlackBerry 10 phone owner needs to have. To use the app, owners need a My Tesla account linked to their car, and the Mobile Access setting enabled in the car.

Tesla owners probably would be willing to pay a more than a few $$ for the convenience offered by this one, but since it's an unofficial app and it was built out of love, the price is FREE! Even better, knowing that not everybody is going to own a Model S, the app features a demo mode so you can download the app and it tap around and play pretend.


Be sure to watch the video above to see Model S for BlackBerry in action (and to drool over the sexy car). And from there you can hit up BlackBerry World at the link below to download. Be sure to give it a 5 star rating!

Download Model S for BlackBerry for the Q10 and Z10 in BlackBerry World

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Control your Tesla Model S via your Z10 or Q10 with the Model S for BlackBerry app!


It's the Mobile Nations bonus when you achieve the milestone of blogging up 100 Million words. Get on it! (and re-posting press releases doesn't count!).

Seriously a sweet ride. Sweet app too. Works well.

If anyone deserves a Tesla on the CrackBerry team, it's Adam ;)

Kevin: "you're fired, Adam!"
Adam: "I got a Tesla"
Kevin: "you're still fired!"
Adam: "wanna go for a ride?"
Kevin: "only if I can drive?"

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

I hope other car manufacturer does something like this from unlocking, to remote start, to rolling down the windows as well. Not only we don't want to carry our wallets, I we don't want to carry our car keys and many other keys.

Impressive app.

Posted via CB10

Why doesn't your post and Bla1ze's post get a blue background like Kevin's? All CrackBerry/Mobile Nations staff should have that to make your comments easier to spot.

P.S. That wasn't a contest... hahaha

The blue is for the editor on the post to make them easier to spot. But I can't argue with you that we should all have fun colors as well. Dibs pink!

Seems like smartphones are the wave of the future. I am picturing a busted tee with that written on it, with a picture of a BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

His power level is most definitely over 9000! The force is strong with this one.

Posted via CB10

Yeah and it has to work with my 1970 Ford F-250 Sport Custom as well. Jeez, people these questions are almost retarded...

Written under BB10

-1 for failing to catch humor.
-100 for shameless self promotion of your "Custom".

Posted via CB10

Wow, we'll done ( app and article). Now the dealers, current and possible owners as well as the manufacturer need to be notified on a viral scale.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

You've got to close all your windows, get out, get back in and everything will work fine...wait, that's a different punchline. Ah well.

Ya see, what ya gotta do is pull over, take the car apart, pull out all the batteries, and plug 'em back in. After that your off to the races!

Posted via CB10

Well done thinking of buying a Tesla one more thing to sell the wife with.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Haha good luck with that!

Wife: "No your not buying a new expensive car!"

You: "But it has a cool app that let's me control it with my car"

Wife: "Oh why didn't you say so in the first place? I don't care! You are NOT BUYING THAT CAR"

Posted via CB10

Uh, it's a "remote" control. If your phone reboots, you just lose control of it "remotely". Kinda like if your TV remote's batteries die, your TV does not self-destruct. LOL!

Posted via CB10

Cool. Control your multi-thousand pound car but you're screwed if you want to use BBM on your Playbook (sorry couldn't resist)

Good job Marcus! 26 hours huh? If you have any free time next week, mind seeing if you can code a native Netflix app? ;)

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Seriously awesome work making the app. This is how BlackBerry will differentiate, in my uninformed opinion, by having a community of people who can rock the dev process on this platform. Kamikaze coders who can push the limits and create unique capabilities or who can do what the other guys are doing faster easier more efficiently. Dev here first, then take it to the other platforms, ( if you HAVE to).

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Dammit hurry up GM and get the onstar application on BB10. I had it on my 9900 and they showed it running on the PlayBook nearly a year ago. Me and my Volt are begging you.

Posted via CB10

I'm in the market for a new car and my thoughts were to going electric. I unfortunately can't afford a Tesla, but my next choice was the Ford Fusion Energi which is a hybrid, but full electric capable as well. Investigating Ford's website, I found out (of course) they only make an iPhone and Android app to control and monitor the cars functions. When I found out about this Tesla app, I sent an email to Ford asking why this little start-up company could have an app for their car when Big Blue Oval can't pony the bucks to make one. Surprise: They never even answered my email - they didn't even send a lame "we are evaluating the possibility of a BlackBerry app..." response. I plan to wait a year or two when the price of Tesla's cars come down a bit and buy from them. Good job on the app.


I I install the app will I be able to choose which Tesla I control? I presume I need to know the licence plate of the cat I want to mess with.

Posted via CB10

I would imagine the VIN number and Bluetooth pairing info.

I can see test drives being a little fun... The next day when you hide in the bushes near the dealership and control it. :)

This app looks awesome. Now, I just have to find one of the many Tesla owners around here with a BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Don't forget that when you buy the car what you really do is purchase lifetime 90% gas discount coupons. For me, it comes down to a $50K car when you factor the savings. And it drives like a 100K car.

An app that a majority of BlackBerry users won't get to use. I said majority most of you who'll respond to this have no intentions on getting one.

Posted via CB10

Hah, cool. Now I'll head to the Tesla showroom in Santa Mónica, California Third Street Promenade, make a employee talk to me about the car. Talk about the mobile app. I will then show a lot of interest in it. Ask if they have it for my phone. He will say no, and I will look for it still in BlackBerry World. I will install it and show it to him, let him play with it so he sees BlackBerry is back :D

Posted via CB10

Awesome. Marcus Adolfsson is a real treasure when it comes to native BB10 programming, and he's the Mobile Nations CEO? Wow. :D

Marcus, you're my hero. I own a S, I'm a huge BB fan (Torch, 2 PB) and was very sad Tesla would not develop for BB10. I pushed out my Z10 purchase because of this, until last week when I read on the TMC that you had made that really nice app for the Z10. I will now be a proud owner of a Model S and a Z10.

What is really crazy about this article, while driving my daughter to 3 on 3 in Oakville this evening I saw my first Tesla Model S!!! Made a big deal about it to my wife and daughter who looked at me like I had two heads....

Then I reminded them of the SUV with the Gull wing rear doors that I wanted to get in 2014 and the light went on. The Model S is sweet but the Model X, wow!

Way to go Marcus!!!

I figure I'm halfway there... All I need now is a Tesla, already have a Z10.


Posted via CB10

At the North American International Auto show earlier this year, I was looking at the Model S and noticed that the car didn't seem to have any physical controls. Wondering how I would operate the touch screen on a cold morning while wearing gloves, I asked the representative if they had tested the touch interface in cold weather. His response was "We didn't think of that". Then he went on to say that I could preheat the car using the iPhone or Android app so that gloves wouldn't be necessary. So naturally I asked about BlackBerry and his response was "Nobody uses BlackBerry anymore". Which unsurprisingly took me back a little, so I then pointed out that there were 80 million BlackBerry users. He answered by saying "Yeah, in third world countries". Now that response shouldn't be coming from the mouth of a company representative at a major auto show. It's really not professional to alienate potential customers based on their choice of phone, nor proper to insinuate that using said phone is somehow "third world". Took me a second or two to figure out an appropriate response which was to ask him "You know what the difference is between BlackBerry users and Android users?". He said "No", to which I replied "Well, BlackBerry users can actually afford one of your cars." A few people who had been listening in laughed.

I'm getting SICK and tired and have been of constantly seeing apps for iphone and android with no reference to BBRY. For some F..)#&$#)ing reason we don't exist. Just getting tired of reading about nice functional apps and accessories for everything NOT BBRY. From hotels to Logitec and others….where are the BBRY commercials that show more then moving bodies across scenes that show business functions and productivity and fun and other things that may push the numbers up? I've been to the Tesla factory next to SpaceX and wow what a facility.....

Guys, why is everyone drooling over an app for a car that isn't even a fraction of 1% of the cars out there. Where are the apps we need BlackBerry? I'm a past BB user that went to iPhone frankly for the apps. Look at ads in magazines or websites. There is always a link at the bottom for the App Store or Google Play. Never BB World. I'm not talking just the social stuff like Instagram. What about the Banking apps? Airline apps? Travel apps? Mainstream eReaders? News apps?

Until BlackBerry gets the apps coming no one is going to give up Android or iOS. I don't care how great the OS is. Won't happen. I want to switch back! But not to a phone that is basically only a messaging device. NO matter how good a messaging device it is.

Aren't they listening?

BB has nothing to do with this app, it was coded by the mobile nations CEO. Your rant is like blaming Ben and Jerry's for the sudden deficit of milk in the world.

A rant??? I'm simply stating the obvious. It isn't enough for BB to just put out a new OS and sit back and expect everyone to jump up and develop apps for it. I switched my entire company from BB on a BES to iPhones and iPads last year because everyone kept complaining about no apps. It's looking like that isn't going to improve anytime soon with BB10. I'm voting with my wallet and not just ranting.

You guys have to look at this from a business perspective and stop being so emotional about it.

Agreed. I've had my Z10 since Canadian release day (Feb 5) and I still don't have a flippin' TD Bank app, and don't give me the browser lecture BS. I'm with you buddy. I'm done with the whole optimistic fanboy thing. I'm sick of seeing these prototype, "hypothetical" uses and innovations. I want something tangible that 'I' can use in my daily life. TBH I don't give a $%#@ about a car no one is gonna own and how BB is so innovative in making it appeal to others. The honeymoon period is far gone with my Z10 and if things don't pick up, I'm looking for a divorce.

Nice! Now sign commercial real, show the world we back in black!

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

Hi Marcus,

Have you noticed the app is not functioning well anymore since V4.5 was introduced? Miles (or km) of charge doesn't show up, in the minimized window it always show 222 mi (I have a 60kWh so maybe that is the max charge I can get) and standard and max range charge seems irrelevant now that the set limit bar has replace the std and max buttons

Hope you're listening