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MockIt! makes its way to BlackBerry World

MockIt! makes its way to BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 14 Apr 2014 04:23 pm EDT

Back in December 2013 we saw the first non-BlackBerry developed app become available in BlackBerry Beta Zone -- MockIt!. It has been available to download for anyone with a Beta Zone account. If you haven't tried it or checked it out yet, MockIt! is an app that allows you to create memes, device mocks for presentation and also photo collages. 

There are a lot of the popular meme pictures available but you can also you use any of your own. The app has recently been used a lot to create funny John Chen memes which can be found in the CrackBerry Forums. 

MockIt! UI Color Choices


Feature list

  • Natively built
  • Meme generator
  • 6 available colour schemes for the UI
  • Device Mock creator
  • Photo Frame studio
  • Two free sticker collections
  • 20+ Photo Frame templates
  • Smooth, beautiful and fast interface

You can check out our hands-on video with an earlier version of MockIt! to get a feel for what the app looks like and how to use it.

MockIt! Stickers

MockIt! is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2 and above. There are in-app purchases available to purchase sticker packs. There are two additional sticker packs available for $0.99 each, you can also unlock the ability to use your own photos as stickers for $1.99.

If you aren't seeing it yet, just keep checking back. It usually takes up to 24 hours to propagate through the BlackBerry World servers once the developer makes it live.

Learn more / Download MockIt! for BlackBerry 10




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Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Ribes Nigrum

Yahoo!!! Great and funny app!

Posted via CB10


So does the beta continue?

I've noticed a trend with beta zone where items will be released in BlackBerry world but they won't close the beta program. I think I'm still registered for bbm channels.

Posted via CB10


"This item is not available for purchase" the download stays greyed out...after tapping it.

DJ Reyes

It's because it is still propagating. Please keep checking back

Posted via CB10

James Wright4

Yeah it won't let me download it either, saying unavailable for purchase?

Posted via CB10


Delete beta version

Posted via CB10


Same here :(

Posted via CB10


Same here :|

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Can't download. Says "this app can't be purchased"

Posted via CB10


Same here.

Posted via CB10


Same here!

Posted via CB10 - Q5


Same problem

Posted via CB10


$1 goes to the first person that uninstalls the beta and then tries to install from BBW :) (Report back pls :P)


Just tried again and now it workie...go figure :)


I deleted the beta version and try to download from bbw but doesn't work!

Posted via CB10 - Q5

crackbrry fan

It hasn't been yet posted to BlackBerry World, still in beta

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

It just take a while to show up as it goes through the BlackBerry World servers

Posted via CB10

crackbrry fan

Edit: working now.

Posted via CB10

Shawn Fitzgerald

It's a fun little app!

From my awesome z10

Prince Onos

I love dis app...

Posted via Z30



I've been running and using the beta since the start. So I need to delete the beta before installing or will it automatically overwrite my beta?

Could this be why I am getting the "not available for purchase " message when trying to download it from BlackBerry World?


DJ Reyes

No, you don't need to, it just takes a while. I kept checking back, still had the beta installed and eventually I got the update

Posted via CB10


Great, finally :D


Prem WatsApp

... out of beta...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


downloading at the moment


Think I will check this one out, sounds cool



Hi I downloaded it and it did automatically overwrite my beta version.


Where can I find the stickers and the in app purchase options? Help appreciated

Its Spade

while you are editing you will find on the bottom an icon that says stickers.... click it


I can't find them I opened an image to mock up, added text, closed keyboard and nothing. Am I looking in the wrong area?


Oh I see
The stickers are only available for the photo frame section? I see that now. I thought they were available for all photo and device mocks.



FYI from my experience in using the Beta what liked most was that it is the quickest photo frame collage maker I've ever used. I love it for that alone. Faster than the popular iframe by a country mile.


The Beta program has curiously disappeared from my list of installed will the program recognize the beta? The beta app still works.

Posted via CB10

Its Spade

you don't need the beta


Mother of God. I'll check it out :)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Mine download with no problems.

Posted via CB10


Now it works! I downloaded it hehe.


Downloading it now!

Posted via CB10 - Q5


It was there for me! Great app
Lots of fun. Be sure to check it out if you weren't participating in the beta testing. You won't regret it

Posted via CB10


I just gave it a try.
Really nice App.



How about blackberry accept Snap2chat, great app and has been ready for a while now, if BlackBerry keeps shutting down great apps like snap2chat, I will say good bye BlackBerry, they are digging themselves in the hole

Posted via CB10


It's not BlackBerry's fault that snap2chat isn't in BlackBerry World. Snap Chat won't allow 3rd party applications that mimic what Snapchat does.
Snap2chat by its own admittance, is in breach of snap chat's terms and conditions and therefore cannot be approved by BlackBerry World.
Might wanna check your facts before blowing a hole in BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

That's why we have no Youtube downloaders, only "caching" in Super Tube etc....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

BES10 Admin

Stop commenting like an a**h*** & get your facts right.

Posted via CB10


More choices for some things than the beta version.

Careful! Z10 in action!


Thanks, downloaded!

Posted via CB10


This is a great app that I used often (beta version)

In my view it is the fastest picture frame collage maker and that is the feature I use the most of it.

Great fun app

Posted from my Z30 on CB10


Its a beautiful app. Really shows the power of BlackBerry 10.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

canadian nick

Great app! Have been having all kinds of fun with the beta for a while now

Posted via CB10


Nice! Glad my suggestion came through with the colour schemes.

Posted via CB10


It seems this app is available to 10.2

Posted via CB10


This is cool! Wish it had a search option though

Posted via CB10


Nice app, easy to use and worth the purchase for the extras.

Heng Sim

Such fun app!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


So this is the app responsible for those painfully unfunny memes about... well, anything.

I'll pass.

Prem WatsApp

What did you have for breakfast today?...

No offense.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Prem WatsApp

What's funny is a matter of perception, ok.

Most people love'm if they're well thought out. Nothing that made you smile, really?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Really - this is what we're getting excited about? A mocking app...


Congrats to the dev(s)!

Posted via CB10


I was never a fan of apps that don't help me being more productive. But this one... I must admit, it's an amazing app! And it's free! Huge thanks to the developer! Highly recommended.


I am always pleased with your products and I have always supported you in the next time, good luck. | |


Great app.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded it yesterday and quite like it! It is a quality app!

Posted via CB10


Mine says "not available for this device!! Then my phone froze and had to reboot to get off that screen!! :-(

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Adrian Shepherd

This app just made my day!!

Posted via CB10


Still waiting for 10.2

Posted via CB10


It wasn't available to anyone!!

Posted via CB10


Only 10.2 support which nobody had!! So I don't know who used the app!!

Posted via CB10


I have used blackberry and install this app, it is indeed possible |