Hands-on with MockIt for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 23 Dec 2013 01:03 pm EST

I'm going to keep this post short, purely as MockIt which appeared recently in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BB10 devices is clearly unfinished and awaiting feedback from beta testers. Hopefully this process won't take too long as it's a pretty sweet application from OSBB Code Labs. 

As you'll see in the video, MockIt (currently) has three sections - Memes, Device Mocks and Pic Frames (coming soon). The Memes category provides a list of images that will allow you overlay text both above and below the picture and also in a choice of three sizes. Great for comedy pictures! 

The part I like best though is the Device Mocks. Here you can choose your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and then insert any image from your device into it so it appears on the screen of the mock up BlackBerry. In addition, there are a choice of backgrounds available which you can see a few examples of below.

A very promising application. After the recent BBM beta release it seems that this Beta Zone is rocking. Keep 'em coming!

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10


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Hands-on with MockIt for BlackBerry 10

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The only problem with this is that people keep misusing the Memes so it is a bit silly sometimes...kinda like James did with the Confession Bear meme. ;)

I just need the 9GAG app to integrate Sharing so I can share straight from Mockit! to 9GAG - this is win!

BlackBerry should concentrate on providing application and functionality for which there is an actual requirement for.

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Except this app wasn't built by BlackBerry, but by a third party developer who got the permission to publish his beta app through the Beta Zone.
Look at the author in the Beta Zone app and you'll see that it says OSBB and not BlackBerry

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The app is by a third party developer. They just happened to use Beta Zone to push out the app in beta. The app may not be for everyone but it will have its uses, especially the device mockups.

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No prob to put this third party dev app in the beta zone.
What it does is show other dev's the potential for BBM related apps.
I would even pay for this particular app when it is fully developed.

Oh just relax a bit and look at the details. It’s not been created by BlackBerry, it's by someone else. Maybe you should download it and get a little joy in your life!

Merry Christmas!

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Kinda off topic, but I have issues with my beta zone app. Can't open/use it because it keeps asking me to update and I can't update in BlackBerry World because it's suddenly unavailable for my device (Z10). Need help please.

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Software release:; OS version:; Model no: STL100-1. How do I downgrade from beta?

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Since you can't use it anyway, you could try deleting it and then reinstalling it.
You should start with refreshing BlackBerry World though; See if that helps.

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Never before has the Confession Bear meme been misused as much as it has been in this post.

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This app is great and has lots of potential! Well worth trying for fun but I can see business applications and such as well. How about personalizing a pic, adding it to a power point presentation to give it some very personal appeal and quickly, this keeping up on current news and events. Lots more as well!

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Great app so far. I have provided tons of feedback to include new options and features!

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I don't know about you guys, but I am sending these memos in every BBM convoy using the quick share feature; making a new meme for each chat reply.

It's so easy to make a meme and do stuff with it.

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It's a CB app bug, been there for a while. Best one I remember was the stretched croc leather P9982 Kevin presented a while ago...

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If you want to view them properly, tap and hold the pic, and use option from the menu to save to your device, then use picture viewer. Primitive workaround, but yeah, it works...

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Heard you guys the first time! Still not interested. This is an app for kids and/or those who dig quasi-juvenile, meaningless trivia.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

This app needs to support 10.1. There are a lot of BlackBerry 10.1 users out there including me. I'm capable of loading leaks but don't have the time for it.

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It's exhausting how many people before researching bash BlackBerry for an app they didn't even make.

It's BBRY own users who are bringing BlackBerry down.

There should be a separate thread on CB solely for people who wanna b* and moan about things they don't understand.

For the people who complain it's useless get some friends or read a thread on CB and see how many times it used.

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What we now have meme Police?......Lighten up guys it's just a bit of fun!

The actual app works great.

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