Moby Dick as told by a BlackBerry Torch user

By Adam Zeis on 14 Sep 2010 11:47 am EDT

In the past RIM has never really cranked out "consumer" commercials for their devices. iPhone and Android really had them beat in that department. With the release of the BlackBerry Torch on AT&T we've seen some great spots that really show off the device as well as the operating system. The latest commercial creatively tells the story of Moby Dick while showing off some of what BlackBerry 6 can do on the Torch. All in all a pretty cool ad.

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Moby Dick as told by a BlackBerry Torch user


The commercial does not imply that such features are "built in" to the device; rather, it suggests that the device has the capability to implement such features. Just because one inferred that the features were built in does not mean that RIM implied they were stock applications on the device.

Droid has made several commercials that show off the capabilities of the applications available to the device rather than actually demonstrate the capabilities of the device itself.

This has to be he best commerical yet. I love this phone but now I must have it in white to match my 9650 and all will be good.

If anyone is interested, AT&T is offering two ringtones from their spots. Once this song ( we are all made of stars by Moby and Have Some fun Blackberry) Both I've put up in the ringtones section. Or you can download them if you are on AT&T at! Enjoy guys!

The Torch looks somewhat interesting to me for the first time, after watching this commercial. Very cool. Too bad is only on AT&T.

S***ty commercial. "he's huge!" lol. what was on their mind. that did nothing for me, probably less for anyone who has seen or used an android handheld. sad

bahhhh hahahahahahahah! What a lame post!!

At least admit a good commercial when it's a good commercial.

I agree, this ad, and certainly this style of ad, has been done time and time again, especially in the area of mobile technology. RIM has been rather disappointing over the last eighteen months. The company is struggling to acquire a portion of the mobile market that Google and Apple have staked as their own. This commercial, as many of RIM's recent ads have done, succeeds more in demonstrating how far removed from modern technological capabilities the company is compared to its competition. This ad was unoriginal and obvious.

Well, that's more like it Blackberry.
Make Android and OS 4 eat dust!

Hip, happening......Where were these ads for the launch?

See, Blackberry is more than just a pretty face!

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I LOVE my Torch and would love to have the white one as well. I would use them both. My current BB Torch slide out keyboard is getting squeaky and I hate that.

Oh yeah and I've been dying to know what the Green microphone "Say a command" app is. I've had Telenav and it only gave driving directions.

Sorry for typos I'm writing this while I'm exhausted.