MobiTV for the BlackBerry 8130

By James Falconer on 7 Jan 2008 03:31 pm EST

MobiTV for the BlackBerry 8130This weekend MobiTV released their mobile TV application for the Blackberry 8130.

The software itself is not device specific, but it does require the streaming codecs found in OS 4.3.

Clarity and speed are reported to be great... and the application has a handy program guide.

You can download the application OTA with a 30-day free trial if you have an 8130. Simply go to on your Berry.

What about subscription costs, limitations and updates?
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Reader comments

MobiTV for the BlackBerry 8130


I know it's suppose to be $9.99 per month, it even says on the website. However, handango doesn't show monthly next to the price, so it's a one time fee from handango, but if they correct it later on then, I will just tell them to cancel me, I hate I have to pay monthly when the video is not even smooth and so much lagggg...

As of right now it does show $9.99/month on Handango's page. Of course the service is only available in the U.S., so it's not for me anyway.