Mobilicity releases OS for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and Bold 9700

Mobiilicity for BlackBerry Curve 3G
By Michelle Haag on 12 Jan 2011 05:06 pm EST

Mobilicity has officially released for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and Bold 9700. If you have been waiting to load on your 9300 or 9700 for some reason, here is another chance to get an official version. While not the first carrier to have an official release of this OS - that title goes to StarHub Ltd for the 9300 and Vodafone Essar Limited for the 9700 - Mobilicity is the first Canadian carrier to support it for either device.  This isn't the highest OS available for the 9300 or 9700, that would be the leaked OS which you can grab here for 9300 and here for the 9700. That said, if you're looking to stick to official OS' then you may be happy to see these ones show up.

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Download OS for the Curve 3G 9300 or Bold 9700
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Mobilicity releases OS for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and Bold 9700


Am I the only one who actually prefers OS5? Faster, smoother, much easier to use, and with the proper ringtones. I didn't find any benefit whilst using OS6, even Universal Search was cumbersome compared to my usual Quicklaunch/OS5 combination.

No you're not the only one. I haven't even bothered to load OS 6. I'll probably be the only dork with the Playbook content with having OS 5 for another 6-8 months. lol

I loaded it and fell in love with it. But the memory leaks got the best of me and forced me to get the 9780.......the web browsing experience alone is worth the 6.0

I agree, although it would be nice to have the bugs taken care of (cursor issue, battery drain, memory leak, etc.).

ya its a bit of a head scratcher weather or not to downgrade from .424. i must say .424 looks to the smoothest of os 6 leaks. For me .418 was terrible. But there still is a couple of important bugs they need to fix and i doubt this is it. I'm not gonna go back to .380.

well well well, confuse are we. Im down to 40MB free on .424 at the moment, so i really dont know. 5.0 might just have been the best OS on my 9700 to date.

Only one thing I don't understand is the most used blackberry is 9700. The least attention OS by blackberry developers on the same phone.

I'm still sticking to 5.0 until the memory leak is fixed and from the looks of it, I'm not going to be "upgrading" any time soon.

I'm still sticking to OS5 until the reviews for 6 are more positive. I'm glad to see an official North American release, though.

If I have to read one more comment about people going back to os5 I seriously might cry. How is it that anybody prefers the older os over the newer one? Basically you're saying you don't like change and innovation. Do you use wifi sync with os5? Do you use the faster browser with os5? Surely you click on the click to manage connections or click right below it to see notifications and upcoming calendar events. Oh wait, os5 can't do any of that because its old and outdated.

I downgraded from .424 and I found this one to be just as solid only better since I can now scroll through fb and bbm without the cursor disappearing. Overall, I find this one better than the latter leaked versions.

same with the one on starhub for curve 3G.
you don't know the meaning of os6 until u have properly used it with the bugs, leaks etc. just go with it for a few days then you'll love it. os5 is outdated especially the browser

I tried it for a couple of days on my BB 9700, and to tell you all the truth it's still buggy. I didn't like the OS6 at all.

HELP: Dude, reading all these comments, I think I might wanna switch the IPHONE!!! UGGGGGHHHH, did I just say iPhone??? My apologies fellow BBM'ers. But what should a dedicated Crack-Berry Junky like my self do???

I have downloaded the new version from your website and saved it on my pc I've tried to upgrade my device using the desktop software but keeps on telling there aren't any latest software available how do sort this out please help I can't wait anymore I've tried numerous time without any success

How do i upgrade the OS.
I ran the exe, and it launced BB desktop manager, after that no action or activity.

ive been using this OS for about an hour, seems fine to me till now, internet browsing is much better, navigation is fine, icons are more modern,id recommend an upgrade to see what it looks like :)