Mobilicity brings OS official for the 9700/9780 and the 9300

By Jared DiPane on 26 Aug 2011 11:51 am EDT


With the recent release of the BlackBerry 7 devices, followed by quite a few leaks and official OS drops, owners of BlackBerry 6 devices were probably left wondering if they were forgotten about. Today Mobilicity has dropped OS as an official release for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780 along with the BlackBerry Curve 9300.  Remember, be sure to have a back up of your device prior to installing, and proceed with caution.

Download OS

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Mobilicity brings OS official for the 9700/9780 and the 9300


Don't bother downloading this one. I already tested it this morning. It's a slow OS. Do a fresh install of from Bell Mobiltiy and then go to the hybrids section on and download the B@stard 20110824. It's a risk-free hybrid and your 9700 will improve it's responsiveness and super fast browsing experience. By the way, I'm a heavy user and I rely on my device for business, so don't hesitate.

How about some announcement on the new BB 9900 for Mobilicity. Man I have been waiting for this phone for ages now. I almost want to jump ship back to one of the big 3 pieces of &%$^ just to get my hands on a new BB.

i downloaded this update onto my computer and installed it but when i open DM it doesn't find any update
I made sure its the only version installed on the computer for this phone and i even tried to load the OS with app loader and nothing.
Did anybody get this

I also found it weird that i was downloading the Asia one.

works good for me, better then .615 so far. overall seems quicker, hour glass isn't popping up as much and apps open quicker. worth the upgrade in my opinion. haven't noticed any difference in the browser so far. still waiting for the Bold 9900 to arrive at AT&T to upgrade though.

shrinked it and installed it, works fine, didn't see any difference from the 615 i was using. now just to see power consumption, 615 was very decent for me. but what the heck, whatever it takes until we get the 9900 here in romania :)

Computer for a hidden Vendor.xml file, I had the same problem, til I found the forum for the hidden file n all was fine after I found it.

Love it - works awesome on the 9700. Got it running for two days now after shrinking with BB Boss, and so far, battery life seems great, although I am experiencing a slight memory leak. Before this, I tried .615 for like a week, but that one didn't work for me - too slow, battery life sucked and browser pages didn't load as fast as on this build. The other day though I had 3 tabs open in my browser and it got stuck, so I had to reboot (reboot time is a bit long btw), hope that doesn't happen again. Except that: love it.

Hi guys,

I got rid of the Vendor and I don't know what to do next!

Application loader isn't picking anything up.

I have the 9300.

Best Regards