The MobileHeist is Back! Save 50% on 15 Exciting BlackBerry Apps Until this Monday, July 20th

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2009 03:19 am EDT

It's time for another CrackBerry App Store MobileHeist! This time around we have 15 hot BlackBerry apps on sale for 50% off until this coming Monday, July 20th. To get in on the savings you just need to visit the MobileHeist page - you can click the image above or visit this link from your BlackBerry's web browser.

Several of these on sale apps are brand to the CrackBerry App Store. These include Berry Wars, Mars Lander, Flag your Emails, Bartender Pro, Altitude, Storm MultiClock, and the latest version of RDM+. In addition to these exclusives, a few other top sellers are included: IM+ for Skype, Ace Email Viewer, Aces Solitaire Pack, Aces Texas Hold'em, Real iBerry Blocks, Full Screen Caller PictureID, Mobile Checkbook, and MemoryUp Pro.

To learn more about each app, just click through to the MobileHeist page and click on a specific app title. Enjoy the savings!

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The MobileHeist is Back! Save 50% on 15 Exciting BlackBerry Apps Until this Monday, July 20th


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And if at anytime you need technical assistance with a specific application you have purchased, the best thing to do is contact the developer directly. Within the software store (web-based version -, on every page is a "tab" for technical support. Simply click that tab, fill out the form, and the message will go directly to the developer.

Thanks for the patience and supporting!

Kevin, why didn't you start off with "first"? :)

Just kidding, we appreciate all that you do and all the contest you sponsor or set up for us.

Still waiting on my Tour from Sprint.

Have a Great Day!

Awesome. I was thinking about picking up mobile checkbook but this just made my decision for me. Thanks a lot.

I picked up RDM+ for this price last time around. One of the most useful apps on my Storm. Unlimited PCs can have the client installed on them and you can remotely take them over ... you can get to just the File System for upload/download purposes but that's not the big reason to get this.

You can also see and control the entire remote PC's desktop. Surprisingly fast and easy to navigate. I'm the computer guru for all my relatives who live over 1,000 miles away. I'm not always near a PC I can run a VNC client on. RDM+ has solved that. I can sit in my favorite gin mill on a Friday evening and take over my Mom's PC on my Storm and fix whatever whacky thing she "hid, deleted or corrupted" this time while I sip a beer.

The other main feature is the ability to Shutdown a remote PC. If you are out of town and an electrical storm is brewing near your home you can get to your PCs and shut them down to avoid any power-related issues that may occur. That alone is worth the $20 to me as I have a couple of servers running at all times. Even though they have surge-protection I still always shutdown during electrical activity.