#MobileFit podcast, Fitbit challenge winners announced and more!

MobileFit Month
By Sam Sabri on 30 Jun 2014 09:16 pm EDT

June 2014 is coming to a close, which means #MobileFit is ending too. Or is it? We've got a podcast for you to check out below, we're announcing the winners of our Fitbit challenge and we've got some exciting new info about the future of #MobileFit.

#MobileFit podcast






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Fitbit challenge winners!

During this month we ran a contest inside our Fitbit community. We had over 865 members compete against one another for the top spots. The winners are:

  • Johnny Cat at 1,377,312 steps
  • Whayne at 1,334,310 steps
  • Alan at 1,250,067 steps

Congrats to you all for kicking ass this month! It was fun to see everyone working so hard in the community to move and be active. The winners up above are walking (or running) home with a new Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi bathroom scale. We also had two random drawings to win the scale, one from within the Fitbit group and the other among the Mobile Nations community. Here are the winners for the random drawing:

  • cmfntn in our #MobileFit Fitbit community
  • NickChamberlin in our Android Central and Connectedly communities

Congrats you two! We'll be in contact with all the winners to shipping details.

The future of #MobileFit

MobileFitSo that's it? Another month of fitness has come and gone? Nope. Watch the podcast above seriously do it! In the podcast you'll learn that we aren't going to just stop #MobileFit month because fitness doesn't work that way. Instead we'll continue to use the #MobileFit hashtag and theme to continue to explore the intersection of health, fitness and mobile technology. We'll still have one month a year where we focus more on the content, but you can continue to look forward to great fitness articles in the days, weeks and months ahead.

There's just too much content to put into one month and we can't wait to continue to explore fitness and technology.



Just keep shaking it and u will even reach 2 million. Lol. Cheers to the winner!

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How is Cage's fence climbing going?

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It's true, I was combing my hair earlier and it buzzed because I hit 10,000 steps hahaha.


Hope everyone is in shape

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Two weeks raw vegetarian detox diet, no coffee, no alc, no junk food, etc.

And coconut water, more electrolytes than Gatorade....

After months of geek convenience food (pizza!) and geek juice (coffee) ....

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Why can't I join the #MobileFit group?


I think there is a problem with your calculations! Each step is approximately 3' or 1m in length so 3 X 1.5million would equal 4.5 million feet / 5280=852.172726950609 miles or 852.17/26.2 =32.5 marathons in June!

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Exactly, no one can do that much in a month, or do we have some kind of superhuman in our midst? I'm going out on a limb and say I think there are some shenanigans going on. Jmho

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But they won anyway!?

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