Mobile Visor for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2009 09:55 am EDT

BlackBerry Mobile Visor

I seriously can't wait to the read the comments to this post. I'm not sure what to think.

The folks at NewPCGadgets have released a unique product for Blackberry called the Mobile Visor. I think the picture itself is worth a thousand words, but here's the official verbage on it:

The Mobile Visor is the perfect solution for those times when it's difficult to see your BlackBerry screen due to glare from the sun or bright lights. The Mobile Visor also provides privacy by blocking others from viewing your screen. The Mobile Visor stores flat when not in use and is approximately the same size as a credit card. Easily stores in your wallet or purse making it easy to carry with you. Quickly attaches and removes with a universal elastic band. At $8.95 the Mobile Visor promises to improve your productivity when using your BlackBerry.

You can click the image above for more product photos. So now for the two big questions.... 1. Would you use this??? and 2. Should we start stocking this in the good 'ole store? :-)

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Mobile Visor for BlackBerry



nope wouldn't use it my storm is amazing and clear in bright light. tough call there might be few peeps to buy it but idont see a whole lot of them being sold. with the new screen resolutions these new bb rock in daylight.

I am all about all things BB and I must admit that I have forked over my share of dollars for various software and accesories that I probably got about 24hrs worth of use out of. But this thing takes the cake as far as being plain useless.

As it hasn't been warm enough yet to go to the pool. But last summer, reading text messages or calling people on my old LG or Razr was next to impossible due to the glare. I would have to put my head under a towel and then read the phone. I don't know if the Bold is easier to read yet in that situation. If it is not, yeah, I might use it, but *ONLY* at the pool.

There is no way I would put this cheap piece of metal on my 8900!! For one thing its ugly, and seriously makes the phone look like a piece of junk. And another thing, whats the point?

Arrived a little early for planned April Fool's day launch, but users will immediately earn the superior title of "year-round fool".

Anyone possibly contemplating adding such a monstrosity to their BB will already have hooked it up to a sheet of tinfoil or a soup can, saving themselves $8.95.

I'm still laughing at "universal elastic".

Your hand accomplishes the same goal, and you won't look like such a dork. What a stupid accessory! What's next? BlackBerry baseball caps with versions in all your favorite teams??

it makes your BB look like Darth Vader or something. You should sell one of those umbrella hats to go along with it so you can really look like a dork!

When someone buys this, do they get a discount on a full-sized qwerty keyboard with a built in trackball mouse, and does it come with a pool-side lounge chair? Maybe if I get a discount on tiki-bar Pina-Coladas, I'll consider it.

this reminds me of an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, when master shake introduces the gang to the "E-Helmet".
"Yes its a battery, try 12 batterys, and its heavy as hell. But it is also cool as crap."

Wow, I see the usefulness of this but... I think I would have to buy a pocket protector, a fat tie that's way too short for me and buy horned rim, TriFocal glasses to use this. Oh and I would have to have the flip up sunglass attachment for my new glasses to match this device.

He he..

Don't forget the short sleeved dress shirt and floods. And the glasses have to be held together on the nose with medical tape.

The only Blackberry accessory more lame than this are those stupid Thumbtastic typing aids for mobile devices!!

You got to try it, I love it. I think it is the best accesory for my BOLD. Definitely getting one for my storm too.

Sucker!!!! hahahahaha

This reminds me of the nerdy kid/adult who has the flip shades on his eye glasses. I'll pass on this for this reason plus: it's something else to carry around that I don't really need.

I understand and empathize the reason behind it, it's just not for me.

Now, where did I leave my prescription sunglasses ........


OK kids, for those of you that don't know...Google: The Flying Nun. Then picture it in black.

Man, this thing is!!!!

Well, they say if you put a porch on a trailer, its a home, however, I'm not sure what to think about this add-on.


Why is this on the front page? and no. Looks like crap. BUT you should get a Press review of this. lol !!!!

Holy Crap... I didn't think that it could get much more dopey than the lanyard for your blackberry. Make sure you store your visor in your ManPurse...

WOW...What exceptional design feature turns an ordinary elastic band into a 'universal elastic band'?

I can't think why anyone would want one of these visors.

1. no
2. sure, just because i woudn't buy it doese't mean others won't (as P.T. Barnam said.....)

cupped hand works for me

Well, I guess it could be useful for those who REALLY want privacy or don't know how to stand in a different position, but man does that thing look dorky. I figure if you use it, you can only expect to raise your geek status to geeky dorkdum, and for some of us, that's not a bad thing. I"ll avoid it for now...

This would greatly decrease aerodynamics of the berry by adding crazy amounts of wind resistance. People would be late to meetings like you wouldnt believe.

On the contrary...I'd be impressed if Seidio could make a case for this.

no and no i saw this and thought it was a joke that would not be something that i would get i would deal with the glare on my screen

I dont think I would use this. It doesn't seem practical enough. I mean, how difficult is it to put on or remove? I think its probably just a lil bit easier to move the phone around a bit til the glare diminishes. As far as stocking it...well, you can stock it if you wish, I just have a real hard time actually seeing customers purchasing these left and right.

This is almost perfect. However, it's missing something. All it needs is to come with the old people sunglasses that provide tinted protection on all sides of the face. That way you could perfectly shield you AND your blackberry from that evil bastard the sun.

This is hilarious. I would never buy this for two reasons:

1. My visor for my Storm is my hand, hence blocking the light.
2. My backhand is what keeps people from looking at my screen.

'Nuff said.


'Quickly attaches and removes with a universal elastic band'

As opposed to a Bold/8900 specific elastic band... :P LOL

This would be the new pocket protector--except it will never catch on. Who would carry this around until they need it, and then admit to using it by being seen in public?!

This company's PR team did NOT do their market research first. "OK, so now what do we do with 10,000 cases of these things???" Reminds me of an Office episode!

first most i would like to say this is one of the most ridiculous products i have ever seen in my entire existence, no F*(( way i use this lol sorry.

At first I didn't know what to think about it as well...

But after giving it some thought, it might serve a purpose if you work at the beach or outside conditions all the time and your BlackBerry is an integral part of that work you do..

So, for your questions:

1. No, I wouldn't use it

2. I don't think the intended crowd for this product would be big enough for Crackberry's shop to stock some...

Is it bulletproof? Will it protect my Storm from sniper fire? If not then NFW!

OK maybe if it will fly and I can use for reconnaissance pictures......

That is the most ridiculous, most hideous looking thing I have ever seen on a BlackBerry, and I've seen some weird things.

What if it folded down to cover the screen and the "wings"
folded around the body to the back?

It would protect your screen while in your pocket and provide shade when outside.

I am not proposing you keep it on all the time, just when
spending a day outside at the races or Golf.

They could make Nascar or Tiger Woods models.

Not so Geeky then, and I know we have all seen worse ideas.

This is probably a functional product but not practical. I wouldn't buy this and if given it free, I would have to give it away during a white elephant gift exchange.

Please tell me it's a joke... I CAN'T believe that ANYONE in their right mind would stick that on a BB.
Maybe on top of the windshield of a semi truck... but COME ON!!!
This is right between horrendous and butt ugly.

*looks at calendar* nope not April 1st yet... would have sworn this was a joke. But I guess it was only a matter of time until someone tried to make a profit on a tri-fold piece of cardboard and some string. LOL

Wow, what an amazing product. I have no idea what to say, I cant imagine anything less attractive to add to the storm. It would make it look like somethin out of thunderbirds !!!

Wow, what an amazing product. I have no idea what to say, I cant imagine anything less attractive to add to the storm. It would make it look like something out of thunderbirds !!!

1. absolutely not, but maybe if i were a retiree in florida
2. not unless your business plan includes losing money

Whilst I still have use of both hands, I can operate my own, FREE shade from light.

If I don't want to use my hands, wow, I can use my legs and find some shade.

As for privacy, if you're using one of those, people are more likely to look at what you're doing, because you'll look like an idiot.

wtf.. This is dumb....I think the only people down for this are old people... And as i have seen a million times.. Older people dont really know what to do with a blackberry in their hand. Make this for the jitterbug and youre set.

Who's gonna put together a 10 minute unboxing and how to video on this. Remember if it's posted you'll get a discount in the CB store. A hottie on the beach in a bikini could pull it off!

Maybe then I'd buy it. The Otterbox case that is, and then I'd remove the visor. Now if it was a GPS enhanced antenna or an expanded pop up screen. Heck if it was a solar battery charger... nah I'd buy a second battery first.

But no on the plastic/metal shield with broken hair scrunchy thingie.

this is just plain FUGLY!

save yourself the $9-
just use one of those little umbrellas they serve w/ drinks and a rubber band. you could change the color of the umbrella every day to match your swimsuit

whatever you do, DO NOT put your logo on them!!!
Or if you do sell them, at least put the IPhone logo on them... they will sell out in an hour of putting them up!

Hummm iLogo as a BerryTat? social experiment to see just what an iPhone user will buy? Bet you could sell a few million before Apple asked you to stop. ;-)

Some public entities thats use the BB hard mounted in vehicles may put this to good use. It may look silly when in use but its function MAY outweigh its form. I am idiotic enough to try one when I am on day shift out on patrol...

WOAH! Where did that BlackBerry get its cool hat!? If I see someone with on of these on the street mark my words I will slap there hand so they drop there phone and it breaks.

You know the whole BB hype is being exploited when you have stupid products starting to get released.


Hell to the no. But stay tuned for my Blackberry windshield wiper invention. It will come with a free bottle of a joke.

Unless I'm required to wotk in the sun for an extended period, turning my back or cupping with my hand seem a lot more cost effective.

With the ever increasing number of applications geared toward GPS, etc., I think that the Mobile Visor would come in very handy in the car. I don't worry too much about others reading my screen, but I do have the need to keep the glare from the sun off the screen when using my Blackberry as a GPS unit in my car. For the price, I think people would buy this product.

I would never buy this, like unless you work outdoors or something.... i dont quite understand it, i dont often find myself having trouble seeing my screen even in the bright sunlight on my bmx race track, maybe the inventors need to turn up the brightness on their berry, i find that it's pretty easy to shield my berry with my left hand as it only takes one hand to operate.... and i dont understand how it attaches to the device but it sure looks ugly.

1. I would never use it, I am trying to understand the need and failing.

2. Save the space in the store

This looks like somthing my grandma would use.... Now if slingbox worked and I was at the lake maybe just maybe I would, but then again a rubberband and some cardboard works to!

You might be a redneck!

this looks terrible, i don't know of anyone that would/should get this, come on. plus the bold changes its brightness just fine to adjust to the different lights outside.

I had a problem while I was sitting at the pool. I made one out of a piece of card stock and a thick rubber band!! Did not cost me $9.00.

Uhh, this contraption looks like the equivalent of putting orthodontic headgear on onesself. Why, o why, would you subject yourself or your beloved Blackberry to either?!! This is, plan and simple, Blackberry abuse! I will call the Blackberry Protective Services to put your BB in foster care!

Will they offer sunscreen especially for the BB next?
How about a pain of doll-sized sunglasses?

I will be passing this one by. If I want people to point and laugh at me, I will say or do something funny instead.

...for your blackberry

That is ugly. I'd hope someone (my wife or a friend) would smack me around with a 2x4 if I ever used something like that.

Hmmm...or you could move out of the sun or shade the BB with your body if it is so sunny...or use your hand...or...well I digress.

1. Nope
2. Please no

$8.95 for a piece of what looks like bent cardboard and a 'universal' rubber band?!!

I'm surprised RIM haven't launched a multi $M takeover bid!

I upgraded my Storm to .130 this morning when everyone said it came out, and I immediately found the "Industrial Welding" application. I think this visor would be the perfect accessory when using that app. Thank you NEWPCGADGETS for being up-to-date with the new Storm OS!!!

I feel like enough of a nerd using my berry in public. I can imagine having this absolutely horrific looking thing on my device would only amplify that problem. What the hell are some people thinking??

1. I would NEVER even think about using this
2. Crackberry stock would tumble if this crap was in the store (and there was such a thing as CB stock)

The description made me laugh - I could DEFINITELY see this showing up in the next issue of SkyMall. Oh how I love the ridiculous things in that magazine!

Yeah, I might buy a white hardshell and paint this white just so I can make me little pearl look like a clone trooper.
But seriously, this might come in handy for those that work outside a lot.

To say that it looks wierd would be like comparing an atomic bomb to a sneeze.
I can see some use for this, though. If the price were 0.99 or even $1.99 it might generate some sales. At the price listed, I can cut a piece of cardboard to do the same thing. (BTW isn't that what the manufacturers of this item did?)

this thing looks horrible.... why would anybody buy that?

i also think its funny how i havent seen ONE positive comment about this thing

k I get the premise behind it but honestly...I'd just as soon use my hand. Can anyone actually imagine whipping this thing out when it's sunny outside? It looks rediculous!

Interesting, I had a little cardboard "stand" I made for painting phone parts that looked almost just like that! Guess I should have kept it for a visor. And mine had about 15 coats of nice red paint on! You could really impress your friends with that thing! Hahahahahaha!!!

What is it made of? It looks like it sits on the bezel with that metal looking bar, holding steady by friction? I don't think I would put that thing on my Bold. Besides, if the sun is causing glare, just move your device a few inches until you get some shade. By the time you pull that thing out of your wallet, purse etc, you would've probably moved out of the sun anyway.

Far be it for me to judge, but this looks like a miss rather than a hit.

What is it made of? It looks like it sits on the bezel with that metal looking bar, holding steady by friction? I don't think I would put that thing on my Bold. Besides, if the sun is causing glare, just move your device a few inches until you get some shade. By the time you pull that thing out of your wallet, purse etc, you would've probably moved out of the sun anyway.

Far be it for me to judge, but this looks like a miss rather than a hit.

ok you gotta be kidding me?! all this time spent making the bberry sleek, some arce makes this. Its like the glasses that old peeps wear, or a pair they give you at the eyedoctor....pppfrfttt!! what ever happened using your hand?

If you wanna really be like the cool kids, you'll put this on backwards and let your battery door sag...LOL

For sunlight, I have this thing called a hand, that I use. If someone is looking at your screen, you can use this thing, called a mouth, to say, "Do you mind?", if someone is looking. (In New Jersey, substitute: "Hey, buddy, do you freakin' mind? I'm workin' here!") - Just kidding.

Finally, they have screen polarizers for notebook screens, if you have that much of a problem, that smear the view from the sides. You could probably cut one of those to fit your smaller screen, and make 6 others for your friends. This thing looks like it should come in a cereal box, in my opinion.

This is assuming that Crackberry owners ever go outside. And you know what happens when you Ass-U-Me. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll pass. But you so should have waited until April 1 to post this. :)

Never know when you could get caught in the rain - you and a few friends could stay dry under this nice portable flip out awning!!!
Order today and we'll throw in a dozen free pocket protectors!!

Are there times when it's hard to read your screen in bright light? Yes
Would I ever plunk down $$ for this and be caught dead using it? NO -- really come on!!

Being that it's not April 1st yet, this must be serious. Unless someone wants to make their BB look like a dork I see no use for it. I'm pretty far from the sun here on earth and don't see a need for a visor. The screen on my 8900 is bright enough to see without one.

Heck yea I would buy this, I am always outside in the summer and can't read the screen. Thumbs up.

imagine if you bought this and your title on your eBay listing was:

Blackberry Bold, 8gb Memory Card, Car charger, and Mobile VISOR

total fail... garbage techs trying to make a quick $ off of their junk ideas. I cannot believe this actually is on the front page, huge embaressment to blackberry users..

I don't think this is going to be on my must have accessories list. I can't even think of anyone I know that will want this item either. Maybe someone will want it.

I personally think this is a superb idea.

You know of all of the daily problems I experience in daily life, the one that most annoys me is the very occasional sunlight we experience in England and I've always wondered why there wasn't such a product. After all if I carry an extra bag, I will be able to fit it in there and stick it on for those rare moments my hand won't suffice.

Good work lads, it's going to be an hit on the scale of the Iphone!

Spock..... I.. can't believe... communicator. has...a... visor.

1) No. 2) only as a backorder item.

Hmmm... a butt ugly accessory that I have to carry around with me but can't use 99% of the time, or holding up my hand to cover the screen for two seconds.... Let me think.

I logged in just to say that this is fucking stupid. Please don't sell this in your store that would make me think less of crackberry

That makes me think of a geek with a pocket protector. I wouldn't let my berry be caught bricked with something like that!

I want to be the first to get one so I can send it off to the folks at Colorware and pay $75 to have it painted Candy Apple Red to match my Bold


YYYYEEEESSSSS!!! One step closer to having all the power of the original Star Trek Tricorder in the palm of my hand! Beam Me Up Scottie!

But Seriously...why? Even at 40% brightness I rarely have problems on my 8900 with wash out or readability and if I do I move out of the sun, change position or just do it later. Is anybody really gonna fish this thing out of their wallet and pop it on just to get stuff done?? I'm skeptical at best.

The is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Anyone using this, better be wearing a fanny pack and a bow tie!

No way would I want one of these on my phone...... I'll take my chances in the bright light.....

OMG reading the comments on this one has me LMAO!!!! I hope that I never see someone at work with this thing because it wouldn't be very professional for me to roll on the ground laughing!

Now the person who thought this one up can spend his or her time figuring out how to make one that rotates when you rotate your Storm LOL!

this is a joke right?? i mean April 1st is right around the corner. There's no way a company actually put time and money into this product. Just get a privacy screen protector and call it a day.

why in the hell would i want that? I guess if i were a complete douche bag then i would. The only a few more things would be needed to complete the douche bag gear. Cargo khaki shorts, flip flops, a pink shirt, and an iphone/ipod with dave matthews band on it.

I just wish there was a way to select the "uber-bright" brightness I get when the sunlight hits my sensor. Now THAT I'd buy.

I wont stick this on my Storm ... already used my on the beach and the screen is clear enough to see without looking totally ridiculous.

This looks like something out of the 1960s Soviet Union. I love it.

1. No, I would never use this. Please.
2. Who am I to say?

In my opinion - no, don't start stocking this in the crackberry store. This is a waste of $8.95. What should be invented (if not already and I missed it!) is a screen protector that doubles as a privacy screen. The only way to view what's on the blackberry is if you look at it straight on, if you try and see the screen from the side, it looks black. I need this ASAP. I'm tired of having to type w/ my blackberry close to my chest so people who are behind or next to me don't see what I'm typing.

Haha, I think you'd look a bit silly walking around with one of them on your phone. Think I'd rather just save the 10er and block the sun with my hand when I need to!!

That being said, some people will buy anything.

Ummmmmmm, the concept is understandable, the execution on the other hand is not so great. I think I speak for most blackberry users, but you learn to do 1 handed typing over a period of time, I would prefer using my hand to block the glare. My hand is more portable and easier to access than this would be.
Scripted* Real Life Scenario: *bright sunny day outside along the lake*

Blackberry User 1 - "Oh man, the suns glaring on my blackberry and I can't read what this email says. I know, I'll get my handy dandy mobile visor out"

*grabs for the visor in his back pocket, realizes he left it in the truck*

Blackberry User 2 - "Dude, You're right. Let me use my hand to block the suns glare"

*Blackberry User 1 comes back from the truck distraught*

Blackberry User 1 - "Why did I buy this from the Crackberry store? They are suppose to sell me useful equipment and accessories"

Blackberry User 2 - "Dumb@ss"

What the HELL!!!!!!!! No I would not use this contraption. It just looks stupid like those sunglass lenses that you snap on to glasses. No thank you, and I dont think it woud be wise to stock up on them! That is just my professional opinion

Whats next a left handed qwerty keyboard! Oh by the way can I please have my "Universal" hair schrunchie back!

I'm gonna store this in my wallet with my library card. Did they tell you it comes with one of those green eyeshades like in the cowboy movies. I'll tell you it must've taken a lot of good whiskey to get this idea on the table.

That is one seriously dorky-looking visor. I see absolutely no use for it at all, unless you're sitting at a ballpark dorkily watching streaming video of the game being played in front of you.

What is this...the new age replacement for the pocket protector?!

No, I would never use it.
No, I don't think you need to worry about having this in your inventory. Unless of course, you just need some inventory.