Mobile Nations Podcast 3: Full House!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jul 2011 04:30 pm EDT

Phil, Derek, Dan, Rene and myself talk Netflix on Android, media on Mobile, the RIM-pire striking back, news execs at webOS, Nokia Windows Phones, 20 million iPhones, and hitting the budget buyer sweet spot. Bringing together the heads of state of Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS, and Windows Mobile for full on round-table action. This is Mobile Nations! Oh, and if you missed our CrackBerry Podcast earlier this week, be sure to check that out. I talk about my time in Waterloo visiting RIM HQ!



Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, let us know!



Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj. Introduction by Joseph Holder.

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations Podcast 3: Full House!


@kevin... with the ryan guy who left for samsung. This isnt new news. He said it for himself after the playbook is launched he is leaving and this was his project.I clearly remember this.

The WP7 guy seems pretty confident his phone is destined for third. Someone should tell him people need to buy them to get there, not just have microsoft pay app developers.

@lnichols, couldn't agree more, you don't find more than 4 comments for any article that is posted on wpcentral and 2 among those 4 comments are by android trolls.

Kevin is plussie hunting? Lol... The last few minutes in your podcasts have always been entertaining!

Great podcast... Though maybe give some background info on topics before diving into them- this would be helpful for those of us who really only know a couple platforms and very little of the others.

I noticed the iterate podcast got mentioned. I noticed that it hasn't been posted on here since the first one. I listened to the first one and it seemed like it was centered around a certain phone company. Is that why is hasn't been posted on here. What happened to it being like mobile nations: for all platforms.