Mobile Nations new iTunes page, Mobile Nations Enterprise launches tomorrow!

Mobile Nations on iTunes, Mobile Nations Enterprise launched tomorrow!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2011 01:45 pm EST

We've launched the Mobile Nations network brand, we've launched great new shows like Girls Gone Gadgets and Stock Talk, and while you'd think we'd be happy enough now to take some time off for holiday cheer, we figured we'd throw out just a few more things to celebrate in 2011.

Mobile Nations has partnered with iTunes to provide you an all new, all beautiful Mobile Nations artist page where you can find all our latest shows, but our essential audio shows and video shows as well. We've also done a series of Holiday Gift Guide specials, where your favorite editors and hosts share with you their favorite holiday gadgets and gifts. You can find them all at our Mobile Nations Gift Guide page on iTunes.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to subscribe to all the shows you enjoy and leave a rating or review, it really helps us out with iTunes! Also, please take a moment to subscribe to our new YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the new shows. Speaking of which...

We're launching *another* new show -- Mobile Nations Enterprise with Craig Johnston and Isaac Kendall. It's everything you love about our existing Mobile Nations shows, but targeted specifically at smartphones and tablets in business. From BES to BYOD, massive BlackBerry fleets to iPad deployments, from privacy and security concerns to balancing work and personal usage, this will be your go-to show.

Mobile Nations Enterprise launches tomorrow at 8am ET at and we'll have YouTube, RSS, and iTunes links available as soon as possible.

So sit back, relax, get your favorite podcatcher warmed up, and get ready for even more amazing Mobile Nations content in 2012!

Reader comments

Mobile Nations new iTunes page, Mobile Nations Enterprise launches tomorrow!


Will Mobile Nations Enterprise also be available for the Podcast app on the Playbook? By the way, I have not been able to receive any updates of the Crackberry Podcasts on the Playbook app since episode 78...

PS: By the way, first... :-)

Crackberry is becoming less and less crackberry thanks to Mobile Nations and the year that was RIM: 2011.
Can't say I don't blame them for having a solid foundation if and when one of the 5 platforms fails.

Here's to 2012, RIM. Make shit happen!

Agreed that RIM has gotta make things happen in 2012!

Gotta say though, I don't think CrackBerry has been any less CrackBerry in 2011 though. Total number of CrackBerry blog posts, words posted, etc. higher than ever.  We've always done some cross-site posting under the Smartphone Experts brand before... I just think that brand was a little weaker than our Mobile Nations branding (which is good that you noticed it). 

But less CrackBerry... I think not.