Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 5, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 5 Sep 2011 08:44 am EDT

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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 5, 2011


Hey Ashley it's always nice to see you updating every one on the latest... I have to agree though u are looking hotter every Monday. =) :P Keep it up !!

When a woman wears a low-cut shirt it brings attention to her cleavage. When a man admires it, it's considered sexual harassment. That's a tremendous double-standard I'll never understand.

I really appreciate this brief. I follow but I appreciate you guys highlighting the news/events from the other sites.

To be fair and balanced, I do think the reading of the "brief" always seems rushed, I think it is being read to fast. IMHO just a little slower reading would improve the delivery considerably.

Dont understand whether its Mobile Nations News brief or some kind of Adult News brief....

To the presenter, editor and camera person, pls concentrate on the news items, rather than her cleavage and sex appeal.

Oh please.
Ashley, you are doing just fine. And there is nothing wrong with the way you dress. Please keep up the good work. I enjoy your brief. And you know what if you have it, flaunt it. Why not. LOL.

Lighting much better than before. Would be nice to see a background that doesn't make Ashley look like she is falling over. Oh, nice dig at CrackBerry Kevin!