Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 26, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 26 Sep 2011 09:08 am EDT

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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 26, 2011


Its a slippery slope, that low shirt road, to retain the effect the shirt must be progressively lower each week. The logical conclusion being when we ask "I wonder what her toes look like, I bet she has fine toes!"

At 28 seconds...I was like "NOOO.... I'm at work! Don't do it!!! "

"This is supposed to be about smartphones!!! " LOL....

At home...well...that would have been quite a brief...

Prior to the 30s mark I was ready to pause the video. After that mark I was about to unplug the mouse to avoid clicking away by mistake :o)

wow... now this reaction from her to the comments, i did not see. well what can i say, i guess this shows the purpose of her appearing here in the first place.... and its not to inform us of anything... waste of time

Take a chill pill, she has an excellent sense of humor for doing that. And yes, I would rather see her doing the Mobile Nations brief than Kevin, Rene or Phil!

lol @ chill pill... listen man, she can show her humour using other ways, not by revealing herself. i am here because i am a blackberry fan, and i want to keep myself up to date with whats going on in BB world...

hey ashley, good for you... you found a new target audience (very clear what that audience wants). i was one of the very few (obviously) who enjoyed LISTENING to your brief. Seeing what you have turned the brief into, i dont think ill be watching your brief anymore... im really sorry to say this but you have lost my respect


When I was in spain they had the topless news. I have no idea if it was a gag or legit (I have had people tell me both) or what they were even talking about but I watched the whole thing.