Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 12, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 12 Sep 2011 08:47 am EDT

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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: September 12, 2011


Today is the first day at school for me... I won't be spending much time on Crackberry for the next few months. I am sad!

Thanks for the info.

funny how last week when she wore a low cut shirt everyone was like shes hot! and now shes not wearing one and getting comments like shes hideous which is a bit mean. i find these videos informative for those who dont have time to always be on all the forums. youre still gorgeous to me!

Yeah she doesn't need a low cut shirt. I was one of the people that commented last week and she still looks hot. All the haters can go chase their chicken heads.

I don't want to stir the pot here, but when people do what you describe, it just shows that they care more about how Ashley Esqueda looks rather that what she says, and that strikes me as disrespectful to her.

I'm pretty sure that if she was talking all bberry I would listen more. All I said is that she's hot. That's not an insult but a compliment. I heard all she had to say about blackberry and it only had to do withthe changes we wish to make at rim. After that the rest is boring so if I take the time to admit that she is really attractive without sounding all dirty I'm sure that she either appreciates it or is saying "I know I am"

I didnt notice that at first. Funny. I have to add that I liked the other shirt too, it complimented her Cam-Er-As.

Following up on my post from last weeks brief, Ashley, it seemed to me that you slowed down your delivery just a tad (not as rushed as last week) and it is perfect. I thought your delivery was very effective.

I will also reiterate that I really appreciate these briefs as someone who likes to keep abreast of current developments with the other mobile OSes.

Keep up the good work!