Mobile Nations Monday Brief: October 31, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 31 Oct 2011 08:31 am EDT

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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: October 31, 2011


WHAT....WTF....Why did she say if you don't have a blackberry device you won't be able to download 2.0.......Did I miss something or did Kevin just not explain things properly to her???

HAHA OMG. For some reason, when I read this part of the story:

"Also sad news here is that BBM on 2.0 will only be available via BlackBerry Bridge to those who also own a BlackBerry Smarpthone (more on that below)."

I missed that "BBM on" and just saw 2.0 -- so I apologize profusely for not A.) reading slower and B.) almost giving you all a heart attack.

I'm still learning the two OSes I have the least amount of experience with, and unfortunately for you guys, my BlackBerry knowledge is probably the weakest. So fail on my part for sad sack reading comprehension.

I'm gonna try to make it up to you today!

Okay, I think you mean make it up next Monday, but the news about anything BlackBerry related seems to change so fast I can see how it would be easy to get things wrong. If you want an interesting tidbit for next Monday, there are rumors floating around that Nikon may be interested in WebOS.

I thnik she was refering to the fact that; "...BBM on 2.0 will only be available via BlackBerry Bridge to those who also own a BlackBerry Smarpthone..." as the article on the delay says.

But it is not what she said, if I was not already PB owner and following the updates daily I would not know any better and think the PB would not get the update without a BB.

For some reason I want to watch National Geographic and look for insurance now.

Yeah that is weird, I didn't think you needed a BB phone for the PB 2.0 update. Unless you wanted BBM.

I think Ashley and/or Kevin need to clarify this brief... I thought you needed a BB phone only if you wanted BBM on Playbook OS 2. I don't think you need a BB phone to download it, that would be nuts on RIM's part!!


Yeah, little hiccup by Ashley there....

PlayBook 2.0 - As long as you own a PlayBook, you'll definitely be able to download OS 2.0. It's no different than any other PlayBook update. Done OTA. Will be good to go.

BBM - The clarification is that on OS 2.0, there will be no native BBM. To get BBM on your PlayBook, you'll need to own a BlackBerry also, and get it via BlackBerry bridge (as you do now). A future update will make it native (once RIM figures out multiple device management via the BBID.


Thanks for the clarification just saved this thread from thousands if not hundreds of replies from dedicated PB'ers. Maybe we can ask Ash to post a response vid with something a lil more revealing ;)


Oh Ashy dear. How are you going to make it up to us poor PB owners now after that goof-up that made us nearly have a heart-attack? :) Anyway, Happy Halloween.

Good job Ashley...the ones having the Heart Attack on your video should have known that to get OS2.0 we just crack our PB in half!!!

Hulk smash