Mobile Nations Monday Brief: October 17, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 17 Oct 2011 08:16 am EDT

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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: October 17, 2011


I for one accept his apology. Yes it was frustrating the outage happened.
But at least he apologized unlike other companies you don't and blame someone else for their problems.

IMHO that apology was really sad to see, I do agree an statement from the CEO was necessary and maybe an apology, but we need a RIM CEO that inspires confidence and shows he know what he is doing even during times of trouble, not one that inpires pity and proves he does not have a clue of how to run that company... so awkward it looked more like he was apologising for cheating his wife with a man whore... sad...

Lol, it took me awhile to realize Ashley wasn't wearing a watch :P Good show though, the ICS robot looks awesome!

i agree. wheres the report a comment button. theres enough advertising in the world. choose another media source. does anyone actually respond to those. And you looked great today ashley, as usual. i appreciated the apology. it says alot for a company to respond to their customers rather than try to brush it off as someone elses problem. thanks for the free apps RIM

ps don't do the tongue piercing. i ,for one, don't find it attractive and being a firefighter i see alot of accidents with them. as well if you ever are unconscious and we need to get an airway, we clear obstructions, and usually we are in a hurry. no time to unscrew them.