Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!

Kindle Fire 2 Press Event
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2012 10:32 am EDT

As promised in this week's From the Editor's Desk, I'm pulling Mobile Nations extra duty this week. I made the trek out to Santa Monica to attend the Amazon Press Conference, where's it's expected the next generation of Kindle Fire get announced (and maybe more?!). 

We'll be live on location and will be blogging it up, so if you're interested to see where Amazon's next tablet is going to weigh in among the tablet wars, be sure to jump over to starting at 10:30 a.m. PDT (1:30 p.m. EDT). We'll be covering the event in Mobile Nations style, and once the dust settles we'll be sure to do a roundup post here as well. We all know how similar looking the original Kindle Fire was to the BlackBerry PlayBook. It'll be interesting to see what Amazon does with their encore.

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Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!


So since Playbook has come out we are now on the second Kindle Fire. Sad.

RIM needs new hardware and BB10 so badly. Is there any hope of at least a Playbook with an upgraded processor?

If you're going to troll, at least try to keep up with what's going on will ya. First we have trolls, now we have uninformed trolls. Isn't there any troll quality control around this place?

You should educate yourself as to what it means to be a "troll" before you start name-calling. Koool1 raises a valid point; Amazon has come out with a next generation with substantial innovations and improvements, while RIM has only just pumped out it's second gen Playbook (which, by the way, apart from 4G, doesn't represent that much of a departure from the first generation). And at a better price point.

Not only that, they made their announcement, confirmed availability, and opened up ordering channels. As Ashley stated in the blog, OEM's should take a lesson from this. This includes RIM. Certainly RIM has had its share of challenges this past year, but that means NOTHING to the consumer.

Yes, this is an enthusiast website, and you're justified in sticking up for your brand, but if you want to unfairly silence critics, don't throw around accusations of "trolling" when a legitimate point is made.

difference being if im outside north america i can buy a playbook, kindle fire hasnt gone out of north america.

Um... the PB still leaves the Kindle in its dust. So BB is lacking in apps, but in most things all other tablets fall by the wayside.

Here's a bit of an odd thought, which I'll probably get into trouble for for giving voice to, but it is just something that has occurred to me over the past few months and I thought I'd get an opinion on it.

Do you think that owners/managers/administrators/employees, or whoever, of the various sites on the internet would Troll their own sites in an effort to increase controversy and thus traffic and revenue for the site?

Like I said, it's a bit of an odd thought, but is it really that far fetched?

It's gonna be just like the first Kindle but with ics and a 2mp camera. There will most likely be a phone announced as well.

Not really sure what Amazon is doing. Maybe they are going to build the low to mid range devices for the casual user. Tough way to make a buck given the competitive nature of the market. Seems to me they would be alot better off if they just made kick a$$ apps for all major devices and then focused with selling merchandise. Sort of iTunes without the hardware side. Whatever.

Agreed, I do understand the notion of checking out the competition, but this is another story. Slow times at Crackberry these days, until BB10 hits.

Could it be that CB is making nice with other brands in case RIM tanks?

I am sure that Amazon appreciates the advertising.
RIM on the other hand probably does not.


Amazon is one of the most over priced stock out there. worst than Facebook.

P/E - 305.10
Price to book - 14.44

it's going to crash and crash big time.

Isn't this the tablet that made the PlayBook look like a fisher price toy? In the process of outselling it? Now that's funny.

Amazon has sort of the lipstick on a pig approach to tablets. If it was sooooooooooooooooooo great, why are they peddling their 3rd tablet in less than 2 years. It's not rocket science.

Kevin's an emotional charged guy and he does a great job of translating the energy in the room (important for us who are following the latest over the interwebz). IF and WHEN RIM gives Kevin something to go crazy about and permission to go let it out, I'm sure we'll get his raw impressions, served with ham sandwich and all.

+ 1,000,000 

I can't help but laugh at all the comments that read wayy too much into this stuff. It's kinda funny. Thanks BaconMunch. 

The new fire tablet is very nice. It still does not have a picture taking camera but now has a front facing camera for video chat and better speakers. Frankly, they did a good job.

What they lack vs. the Playbook is:
5MP camera for pictures or reversing for video chat to show someone something.
Bridge - if you have a BlackBerry phone.

The new Playbook will be faster but I hope it comes with Skype. I don't use it and ReelPortal works great for me but many people like Skype. As for the content, I can sideload the Kindle app, the audible app, et all (but not skype).

BlackBerry now offers movies, T.V. shows, e-books and audio books but their selection is smaller, just like their app ecosystem.

The good news for us BlackBerry fans is that the apps are gushing in now and the current Playbooks is pretty awesome. I say this could be a toss up.

Yes, you can "say" it "could be a toss up". But that doesn't make it so.

The new LINE of Amazon tablets are designed for their consumers. And consumers are the main purchaser of tablets. Amazon has a FULL ecosystem and has WORKED to make the consumers experience effortless.

RIM makes a good pieces of hardware (it was great 18 months ago) and expects developers, businesses and consumers to figure out what and how to make it work...

The number and QUALITY of Apps for the current PlayBook OS are a JOKE (gushing in??)! A unified Ecosystem doesn't truly existing in the BlackBerry world and doesn't appear that RIM has any intentions of changing that - they need "partners" in their own words.

Right now Bridge is the only thing the PlayBook has going for it.... and that is only IF you still own a BlackBerry.

Amazon UK website has the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets listed but as always outside usa they have left off the paperwhite kindle and the 8.9 Kindle Fire off the list. But hey a year later. I have a playbook now but if I was able I would get one too. in life it is nice to have choices. But.... If RIM and Amazon could sort a Kindle app for BB mobiles and Playbook they would solve my problem. I have a Kindle but an app for the playbook would mean buying more ebook cookbooks

Some of you guys/gals are something else, if this tablet was launched as a BB Playbook, you would be gushing.

C'mon you gotta admit Amazon's angle is not the same as RIM, they even said it, they aren't making any money on tablets. They have Skype, netflix, Evernote, FB, HuluPlus, FFC, HD screen with HDMI output, 16GB for $299??????? And a decent enuff ecosystem and not these half dead apps we see in PB appworld?

C'mon give jack his jacket. These will sell well.