BlackBerry Health & Fitness Tip: Use your Smartphone or PlayBook's Video Camera to Record "Push-Up Challenges"

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2012 06:31 pm EST

We're not quite one week into Mobile Nations Health & Fitness Month and already I've encountered my first major challenge... going to a BlackBerry DevCon Europe. Getting into a healthy routine of eating healthy and exercising regularly is hard enough at home as it is, and attempting to maintain it while traveling is even more difficult. And at a BlackBerry reception, where free drinks flow and tasty apps pass by you every minute, well, it's basically impossible.

Wanting to indulge a little bit but not fall of the bandwagon completely (there's a lot of work to be done on my workout plan), we put into play a new mobile fitness tip tonight. The PUSHUP CHALLENGE.  On Video. The premise here is simple. If you indulge, you drop and do a set of pushups. And if you're in a group people, you go head to head with a friendly opponent and capture the event in HD. It's as simple as that. Sometimes you don't need a health & fitness app or accessory to get results... you just need to remember to take advantage of the awesome functionality that comes with your phone right out of the box. Use that camera! 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Health & Fitness Tip: Use your Smartphone or PlayBook's Video Camera to Record "Push-Up Challenges"


Very impressed with the amount you did Kevin!
With regards to your last fitness video, well that was amazing!!!!!!

Kevin, nice work. You represented Crackberry nation well! I delved into the video in fear that our fearless leader would not win, but you certainly proved me wrong. You had better form and clearly outperformed Miguel.

I doubted your physical prowess, but I will not making that be mistake again.

One question properly though... Did he take you for brownies as per your "gentlemens agreement"? You can't just leave us in the lurch on this...

Way to go Kevin. You beat him way more and much better technique. And I was a licensed personal trainer for several years so I declare another win for our fearless leader :)

Boldly sent from my 9930

You are awesome Kevin! You are one of the reasons I still believe in Blackberry. You are like the prototype for Blackberry 10.. more fitness.. better software.. and stronger specs! DO WORK!

The foreign guy wasnt even doing push-ups. If I was a Personal Trainer I'd have slapped him silly for having such bad form.

That was awesome Kevin. One tip from a personal trainer...keep the head up slightly to reduce strain on your neck and a head rush. Other than that great form and yes the other guy needs a bit of work.

S**t! I had my doubts about you from the first fitness video Kev - but I was put in my place after this. I'm gonna get up to 50 pushups and post a video reply on YouTube.
See ya next year!

Hey guys, this is out of the subject but where can I purchase a blackberry 9900 for AT&T besides the AT&T store? Also, I was wondering why best buy doesn't carry them anymore...? I had to give my wife my iPhone 4s because it just wasn't doing it for me. I miss my speedy email and BBM!

I was cringing watching that other guy do push-ups. Why didn't anyone call him on it. He wasn't going low enough.

Kevin, if we ever meet i'm challenging you....i was impressed but i train 5 times a week so i'm pretty sure i can match you pushup for pushup...(maybe)