Mobile Nations goes to Las Vegas - It's time for CES 2013!

By Michelle Haag on 6 Jan 2013 01:40 pm EST
It's January and time to kick off the new year with CES 2013, the annual consumer electronics extravaganza taking place in Las Vegas, NV, this week. We're sending all sorts of people from Mobile Nations to the event to bring you all the exciting news and announcements so you won't miss a single bit of the fun! If you're somehow not already following us on Twitter, you can do so at the links below and keep up-to-date on all the latest everything.

Kevin Michaluk - @crackberrykevin

Android Central
Phil Nickinson - @philnickinson
Alex Dobie - @alexdobie
Anndrew Vacca - @Anndrew
Andrew Martonik - @andrewmartonik

Rene Ritchie - @reneritchie
Ally Kazmucha - @imuggle

Windows Phone Central
Daniel Rubino - @Daniel_Rubino

webOS Nation
Derek Kessler - @dkdsgn

Cross-site coverage
Simon Sage - @simonsage
Ashley Esqueda - @AshleyEsqueda

And of course Adam (@azeis) , Bla1ze (@Bla1ze), and Michelle (@_Miche11e_) will be holding down the CrackBerry fort from home. You'll want to follow us, just because.

Now, we're not expecting to see too much on the BlackBerry news front, but it's CES and you never know what could happen. Plus, if you're a gadget geek like we all are, there's sure to be a ton of interesting things to see throughout the week. You don't want to miss it! 

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations goes to Las Vegas - It's time for CES 2013!


Look forward to hearing some interesting stuff from CES....not sure what to expect though...


I think that they will keep the Thunder for January 30th. People will expect them to, but they won't.

+1 But they need SOMETHING.... Hey maybe drop a bombshell like BB10OS for PB, now that would rock everyone! Doubtful but one can dream right?????

Can't wait to see what all of you find. Can someone please focus on Bluetooth Headsets. I'm mostly interested in the stereo earbud types but I'm sure everyone is interested in being hands free with the new laws pretty much legislated in all regions. Smart Watches are a new trend that I'd like to hear about as well. Something BB compatible would be awesome.

Sitting at the airport right now as I type this... getting ready to board.

Don't worry.. CrackBerry Kevin covering a show solo is like having ten people present for any other site. :)

I believe RIM is not even attending CES. They're not in the list of exhibitors. So no, not even a glimpse of anything Blackberry will come out of CES.
3 More Weeks Until Blackberry 10 launch!!!

You got an unofficial guy too! I won't be doing any blogging BUT I will be sending some fun tweets from the convention floor as a VIP guest of NVIDIA. Feel free to follow @pkcable