CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!

By Rene Ritchie on 25 Feb 2013 08:28 pm EST

Leave a comment below telling us what you got out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month and be entered for a chance to win the phone, tablet, or game system of your dreams!

It's February and you know what that means? Mobile Nations Fitness Month! That's when we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun! This year we're doing it a little differently, though. We're doing weekly themes, and that means every week you'll have new and exciting challenges, and new chances to win!

Week 4: Balance!

That's right, it's time to bring everything together and work towards a balanced life! It's really hard to eat and sleep well, and exercise regularly, especially with as all the other things we have to do. That's why it's important to not only act healthier for a week or month, but to build healthier habits into your ever day lifestyle.

To round out the month, we'll be reviewing a bunch of great apps and accessories that can help you keep it together, and keep yourself on track with your nutrition, exercise and relaxation goals.

And we are also going to be doing the mother of all contests.

Contest: Win the fitness device of your dreams!

Leave a comment below telling us what you've gotten out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month -- how much you've improved or been inspired, what you plan to do to keep it up throughout the year, or even how much you simply sat on the couch and watched it all transpire around you! -- and you'll be entered to win a $400 gift certificate to put towards whatever phone, tablet, or even gaming system will help you keep up with your fitness goals!

Be it iPhone or Galaxy Note, Lumia or BlackBerry, Surface or Droid, iPad or Android tablet, Xbox or Wii, we want to help you bring it home!

Our usual contest rules apply, and only one entry per person, but you can enter once on all of our sites: Android Central, CrackBerry,, webOS Nation, and WPCentral

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW, NOW, NOW!

Reader comments

CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!



Mobile Nations Fitness Month has most definitely resparked my daily commitment to fuel my body with the right foods, be consistent with my workouts and to place sleep high on my priority list. I actually was able to put Daniel's "20 min/1hr 30 min" nap lengths to use this week and it worked!! Fitness Month is a great reminder to those in the tech world.

it is time to:
-Park my car at a siginificant distance from my work - and start use my legs.
-Skip the elevator and use staircase.
-Avoid fat food and/or heavy dinners.
-Drink a lot of water

Well to be honest, I mostly watched you while slouching on my couch. But you made me feel guilty so I started doing a few push-ups everyday.

I used Endemondo alot and took in consideration most of your suggestions.No real weight change but I dont need,but I feel a loooot better.

For some reason I had never really thought to look into fitness apps on the phone always equating them with nike fitbit and other peripherals, but I took this opportunity and grabbed a few to test out over the next few weeks.

I've mostly sat on my butt this month. I do come to Mobile Nation everyday to look for updates. I live in a cold part of the US where its much easier to be lazy this time of year. I do have the SmartRunner app on my phone. In the summer I often bike to work and I'll use this app to track my distance and time. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed the sleep and relaxation podcast. I have a sleep disorder and am very interested in sleep science. There was a lot of good information and tips!

You just inspired me to download Body Buddy for my Z10. So if the title is any indication... I'll be buff in no time! Now where did I put that remote....?

Aside from motivation, its helpful to learn about using our mobile devices to help with our fitness journeys. When people think that technology is making us lazy, we can show that they are a tool, and can be used to help in many facets of life, including health and fitness. I'm down 33 lbs, and my blackberry is along for the ride.

I have been eating more calories and more fats to gain weight...yes I am looking to GAIN weight, and I never seem to no matter what I do. I'm not underweight, just smaller. I would like to stay active and gain the pounds in muscle rather than fat. If I don't gain 5-10 pounds, ahh well...I would still like the $400 towards a Z10 ;)

For me, Mobile Nations fitness month has shown me that tech can really help keep you on track. It can provide support and motivation.

it helped me realize that i can actually fall asleep, having insomnia is an issue that affects me daily. but i learned how i can try to help it by using my device, and also by using some of the tips that Mobile nations fitness month gave me i became active like i used to which in turn helped my sleep which i feel makes me a happier better person. also, showing me how not everything regarding being healthy has to be old school (apps, nike fuel band i see works well)
thanks fitness month. helped me out a bit.

I lost 10 pound so far, tracking my runs with all the info you guys provide give me great insite on how I'm doing!

okay, I haven't lost any weight... but i'm not big... not a stick either... i consider myself fairly fit... so instead of eating less, I began to eat better... hopefully I can stick to this for a long time though admittedly, I tend to change things up alot... also found a lot of apps to track my work... a stopwatch, a skiing progress tracker, and a food diary...

I got the motivation to start exercising again.

Utilizing Endomondo on my Blackberry to track my progress!

Youve got me into finding a new way to exercise, hiking!! there are tons of places to go hiking out here in San Diego, Ca, and I just love being outdoors with such a great workout!! id love to use that cash towards my Z10!!! The first thing I would do is create a "remember" folder with everything hiking! websites, photos, videos, voicenotes of where to visit next!!!

Fitness month has been motivational for me. I completely stopped exercising in January and the beginning of February, but in the last week and a half I've lost 4lbs. It may not seem like much but it is to me

Downloaded this awesome workout tracking app called Endomono Pro on my Blackberry 9900, Has basic tracking workout with gps & time or you can step it up and choose a specific distance,time or calories goal to set.
Would love to see endomono come to blackberry 10. one of the many app holding me back from upgrading to the new blackberry 10.

Working more toward a healthy life style that balances exercise and nutrition. If you work out regularly, but don't pay much attention you'll be an in shape, yet overweight.

i finally got round to doing my sit ups for a flat stomach, also raided the app store on my cheapo droid for a bunch of fitness apps to monitor my jogs :) seeing the improvements after each job is really encouraging and motivating

I have spoken previously about the wonders this month has opened me to in some of the contest forums but I have a new one to mention... The kayak travel app. It helped me get a room at the Westin with exercise equipment in it for the same price as a base room elsewhere. I have used this throughout my week long stay and along with my bb calendar it has allowed me to keep a schedule on what would normally be a write off business travel week.

I got into some plyometric training for basketball been great as my vertical has increased to a point where I can nearly dunk one more month baby and i got it should extend fitness month so I can.

I was motivated by mobile nation commitment to fitness month, I start the day early with exercise and I stopped drinking sweet beverages for the month. I feel good.

Fitness month always helps me find new ways to use technology to stay in shape! Takes away from the laziness of being spoiled by technology and gets the best out of both worlds by using it to an advantage! And it's great to see that people still do care about their health and also enjoy technology at the same time.

Every time I went to the site,I was motivated to turn around (after reading a few articles of course) and go to the gym for an hour or two. Normally when I'm bored I'd find my way to the site, but you guys quickly motivated me to get off my 8utt. Its a great motivation to an otherwise very lazy activity. Thanks so much guys/gals, and keep it up! :)

Finally started using the ol' p90x that's been collecting dust on the shelf and p90x-ing my way out of this blubberry fat-suit... so far so good. Thanks for the inspiration mobile nations!


Weight loss and health aside. I've learnt how to run on a treadmill while reading CrackBerry using Tapatalk (which I also learnt from CrackBerry)

I reduced my habit of eating burger king 3 times a week to only once this month and improved my eating habits overall..

i use the usual fitness apps during my daily workout !!!
motivates me 2 keeep headn to the gym as well as keeping in shape eating wise :)

It has helped me to balance my mind.. Needed that a lot.. And also to go for power walk in the evening.. Now I feel much more energetic! Thank you!

Learned how to improve my wasted time - instead of doing nothing, I started doing intensive workouts. I feel better now and full of energy and joy.

Fitness month has taught me how to eat right and the benefits of exercise. Now I have taking to walking daily. Thanks guys!

I went climbing at the local climbing wall last night. Not bad for a 35 year old "solidly built" guy with trust issues and a fear of heights...

It has inspired me to go back to the gym and ride the stationary bike for 30 min. Not much but MUCH better than I was doing (nothing).

I've signed up for some 5k's and will get back to running outside once the weather is a bit warmer here.

I like using Runtastic to keep track of my workouts. It is inspiring to read the comments on how we have our own ways to get fit and keep fit.

To be completely honest, I haven't gotten up off my backside and changed anything dramatically... yet. But if there's one thing this month has acheived, it's definitely highlighted many of the options out there in terms of motivational tools, and guides, and easier ways to actually get some sensible information which can help a fitness newbie like me get started. More than anything, I've just been surprised by how quickly tech seems to be infiltrating the fitness industry, and I feel like it's just about time for me to get on board. I may not be visibly overweight or anything, but I'm definitely not as fit as I'd like to be. With all these new tools to motivate me, help me get more out of exercise, and pick up the pace of a more active lifestyle, I may just go ahead and begin. As a technology / gadget lover, I've come to see that there's probably never been a better time to dive in.

I have been on the couch 4 too long. But this series has inspired me to change things.

I'm not huge on physical activites but I read most articles and definitely now have a nice source for the future when/if I'll try to get in shape :)

Thank you Mobile Nations and Fitness month. I have been doing the healthy thing for a little more than a year now, but I have been more focused on my goals this month. The daily threads and all the posts have been great!

encourage me to find new ways of working out (because I'm using an old blackberry) to stay fit. I played amazingly at one of games and was asked to try out for provincials. Thank you fitness month!!

I got motivated to start paying attention again. Using the walking desk, eating a bit less... starting to lose some weight. I started late in the month, but I expect to continue on.

I've slowly implemented healthier foods into my grocery list, and just made sure that I stay someone active for the time being until I start my workout regimen.

I didn't have much time to do the workout.
But thanks to the suggestion, I tried maintaining my daily food consumption and enough rest.
The zen thing is also quite great! Since I able to relax and try not to get emotional which usually made me hungry XD

Fitness month has been a good read.
The talk about rest and balance has reinforced the way I have always looked at things.

There are some quick things I have gotten out of MN Fitness month:

• There are so many ways to keep fit and the tools to help you are out there in a connected world
• One size does not fit all so the program you put together has to work for you
• Some/most of the mobile nations crew are in pretty good shape!

Some things that I already knew but was reinforced during the month:

• Check with your doctor to ensure your physical fitness conditions and what you can and shouldn’t do
• See a nutritionist. Not only will they help with a healthy diet (not just to lose weight) but they can suggest ways to help you reach the fitness and energy level you want
• Whatever you do to improve your fitness is a good thing. It doesn’t have to be big it could be as simple as a step in the right direction

There are more, but these are the ones that matter (to me). Thanks for the wealth of info.

Now back to my sit ups… 254, 255, 256…..

• Whatever you do to improve your fitness is a good thing. It doesn’t have to be big it could be as simple as a step in the right direction (VERY TRUE)

Mobile Nations Fitness Month reminded me about the all needed balance. Keeping a food diary on my BlackBerry, using PlayBook to listen to relaxing music before bed, and getting more sleep than I am use to getting all transpired into being a well rested individual and am now 12 pounds lighter than when I started.

Went to gym every other day, with BlackBerry in hand, loaded with my favourite music. On the other days, power walks with my daughter kept me motivated...

A good month indeed...

Mobile Nations.. my kind of nation

These videos have prompted me to train extra hard in martial arts - now I have the bruises to prove it! I would like to add a regime of repeatedly lifting a brand new device to my fitness program :D

It helped push me over the top of motivation to take better care of myself and I have completely changed my diet and my way of thinking about my health. I have lost close to 20lbs this month andthe scale keeps moving down. I am exercising more often and taking back the reigns of my well being.

I got a new drive and passion to keep fit and learnt so many awesome and useful things on now my phone can be a driving force behind keeping fit and tracking my progress.

I got a new drive and passion to keep fit and learnt so many awesome and useful things on now my phone can be a driving force behind keeping fit and tracking my progress.

i learnt that fitness and technology can be combined!!! Love love bb Z10, hope i can have a chance to use it.

I stopped eating junkfood and started using the stairs instead of the escalator. I feel like I'm taking back control of my health.

Fitness month reminded me that I'm extremely lucky to have all these helpful tools in the palm of my hand that can motivate and further improve my workout routine.

I've gotten many ideas, tips and tricks on how to live healthier and work out smarter. I'm not the quickest to change but ill get there.

It has been really tough for me because for the past year I have been at a new job where I sit at a desk all day. Every job I have had previously involved alot of walking around and always being on my feet. I did very much try to stay active by moving around alot more, especially at work. Not sure how successful I have been though.

Here is to winning!


I was packing more holiday weight than I care to admit. February Fitness Month couldn't have happened at a better time. Knowing that there are my fellow readers taking part was more than enough to motivate me to keep fit.

Good luck everyone! :)

Fitness Month has inspired me to start training gett'n shape once again after i get a busy daily sheudle!! even when i has that strong fever last week! "i'm still recovring" i keep it up!! your advices was highly helpful, even if i don't use a smartphone yet!! due to where i liv!

#motivated #dedicated #inspired to keep at and lower my weight! Recently found out inn pre diabetic and hypertensive!

Been going Great guns in Feb, losing 7lb in weight and using my Playbook to keep me motivated using fintess apps and the HDMI output to allow me to do finess workouts on the big tv, Great motivation to know the whole Crackberry nation is getting fit with me also :-)

It inspired me to set one day every week to be a "lazy day". No schedule, no to-do list.. a day to do whatever I like. :)

gained 5 pounds last month and since i followed some easy and techie steps from the CB fitness month articles, especially the week 2:nutrition, i lost 2 pounds already, 3 more to go! And here in LA still waiting for Z10 t-mo release..

I gained a new-found motivation and enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle. I've lost 17lbs thus far. My wife and I are eating better, have joined "Planet Fitness" and have joined Weight Watchers as well. I've been sidelined by a surgery I had to have on 2/28; an ankle fusion. But I'll see my Doctor on the 11th and I'll be looking for clearance to return to the upper body cardio circuit I have worked out for myself. I use my Torch to track my WW points, their mobile site to find food/ dining out tips, etc. My 9800 pairs well with my Motorola S9 Rokr headphones so I have my tunes when I work out. Can't wait to see what the Z10 does to my workouts!

I've lost a total of 14 pounds! Finally just getting off my butt, I plan to lose about 30 more by the end of the year.

It helped me to keep on track with my fitness goals, and allowed me to make sure I didn't waste any valuable family time. :)

I learned but more so gained so much from this, I got the energy to start working out again but I feel motivated in all expects of my daily routine! thank you so much. I feel renewed...or brand new person!

Well to be honest I ben feeling more energetic breathing better and becoming more active in being healthy and I hope to inspire everyone also! But don't take my word 4 it! Try it!