Mobile Nations Podcast: Episode Zero

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By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jun 2011 10:32 pm EDT

Introducing our cross-platform podcast, the state of the union for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS, and Windows Phone!

Mobile Nations is our brand new podcast, bringing together the heads of state from Android Central,,, and WPCentral for full on round-table action. This week Phil, Kevin, and Rene discuss new Gingerbread phones, iOS 5 and iCloud, Playbook updates, and Apple stealing back. This is Mobile Nations!

Meta Talk

  • Do we go clean or explicit?
  • Do we use theme music or smash cut straight to the talk?
  • Should we stick to a bi-weekly schedule?
  • What should our album art be?

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Mobile Nations Podcast: Episode Zero


We went from concept to reality on this one in 12 hours.. it's funny, been talking about doing something like this for literally years... got it up and running in half a day.  thought up the brand/domain, bought it, recorded, and posted.

lots to do... including a new logo/image (hence the white under construction album)...

gonna be good though!!

My $0.02...

1) needs more swearing
2) awesome idea to unite the podcasts... though i hope you'll continue doing crackberry podcasts.
3) wicked cool podcast... you guys seem to click together very well.

I found myself tuning out the other 2 fellas as I didnt really care for the other platforms. I just paid attention to the stuff Kevin was talking about.

Nice podcast but I disagree on one thing I find the playbook super easy to use and easy to learn.

Great Podcast!! But I would like to second the request to get it added to the "Podcast" playbook app until something better comes along

love the idea and enjoyed hearing it!

BUT: What's about the smartphone round robin? I want that so badly!!!

I couldn't agree more with everything you said. A Round Robin will be great but I'm sure it will come later, after the new round of BlackBerries, iPhone 5 and 6,000 new Android devices come out. Tablets will be a great addition as well.

DEFINITELY theme music (a short five second burst) you do with ' com'....and Engadget does that as well.....but behind the scenes and between the takes.....something to keep it fresh and that demonstrates a break between segments/subjects. Make sure that each speaker has their own mic......silence them when not speaking....use wind screens/poppers for more clarity......have a voice that drives the show, the host. Perhaps a female?

One more thought....have as dedicated person for each platform, the resident 'expert'....and then when a review pops up, the others who are NOT the experts sound off on the reviewed product, discussing why it's cool or not cool and why....then explain how that feature applies/compares to their product of preference/OS of choice. So one WP7 person, one iOS person, one BlackBerry person, one webOS person, one Android person. This makes for parity and also a great roundtable when a feature pops up....and for the manufacturers, they will hear from real experts how their products have succeeded or failed in the marketplace. Have a 'pre-show' topic to find out what each of us (listeners) feel about a particular topic and use that as subject matter - great way to encourage participation and we'll all feel proud to be involved. It keeps us on the hook, so to speak.

sounds awesome. can't wait until its in the playbook app world. i listen to them in work all day. keeps people away thinking im on the phone with people hahah