Introducing Mobile Nations Enterprise: Episode 001 - Commercialization

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By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2011 12:44 am EST

Sweet! Things are continuing to grow around here on all fronts. Building upon our already broad network of podcasts, CrackBerry's longtime resident Enterprise Editors and Experts Craig Johnston and Isaac Kendall have fittingly kicked off a new Enterprise focused podcast for Mobile Nations (joined by good 'ole Rene Ritchie, who also has a lot of experience in IT and Enterprise). So join Craig, Isaac, and Rene as they kick off the new Mobile Nations Enterprise show with an introduction and look at the consumerization of IT. Heck, I haven't even watched this one... so am going to hit play on the video as soon as I hit publish on this post. Let's hope it's good! ;)

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Reader comments

Introducing Mobile Nations Enterprise: Episode 001 - Commercialization


Great first show! Kevin's comments:

a) Issac - let's fix your camera up. Geeeez man you're Mr. Blurry Cam

b) Loved the intros... I feel like I know you all so much better now.

c) Ouchie on the slight BlackBerry hateration.. but I get that it's fair criticism, especially the way it's laid out. RIM really had a strong strangle hold on enterprise and they didn't evolve things fast enough

d) Funny to think back on how Android originally ripped off BlackBerry then moved to rip off iOS.

e) I like the 30 minute or less format. Time is money. You held my attention.

Looking forward to the next show!

A nice first show! My company tossed out support for Android a few months back. Apple, Blackberry and WM devices are all supported. We are a large multinational company with 40k+ employees worldwide. I suspect we are not alone in doing this for reasons you touched on in this show. The inconsistent policy support for active sync was the primary driver as I understand.

After many BB phones I switched to an HTC EVO in the summer of 2010 and a month ago I lost that phone. When I found out my company could not remote wipe the device I was not a happy camper. Lots of personal and corporate information on that device that now became a serious liability. I got a used Bold 9650 replacement that corporate gave me till summer 2012 when my contract is up and have now augmented it with a $199 playbook. Playbook & BB phone make a great combination. I’m one happy secure camper now.

A good first show, from an intro perspective, certainly interested to see what future episodes will cover.

In line with Kevin's comments on the BB hateration, I would instead posit the theory that if the show is to truly be an "Enterprise" show it cannot be the "How to use anything but BlackBerry in the enterprise". Given the points of view expressed by the three hosts in this episode, I feel a strong anti-BB bias that is NOT an objective reflection of the reality for many corporate environments where BB still has a strong presence.

That said, I am interested in non-BB integration (more specifically iPad/Android tablet control/integration into the workplace). Just share the love and info across ALL platforms including BB please (Ubitexx or BB Balance for example).

Anti-BB is actually a very true reflection of what is going on in the enterprise these days. That said, we will make sure that we continue to include BlackBerry/BES/NOC in our shows since they are still a big player, albeit a shrinking one.

Anti-BB in Enterprise? Not quite. But certainly less BB-friendly than before. But I think that depends on who you are talking to in the enterprise, and which enterprises you are talking about.

There are some enterprises that still only allow BB from a security perspective. And there are many IT admins who prefer the BB for its security/remote wipe/central policy control/etc, even if the requirement to support other platforms has been thrust upon them...

Guess which camp I am in ;)

Great first show. Looking forward to the next one. I love my BB 9900, but the RIM criticism is well deserved. Hopefully, they will turn things around in 2012-2013. @dunaway

iPhone and Android are not ready for enterprise. My company concluded a year long study, and the extra costs and lack of features of iOS/Android do not justify replacing BB's anytime soon.

Email on iOS is severely limited, security doesn't exist (RE: recent iMessage issues!), licensing costs are 50% higher, and bandwidth costs are quadruple. In an economy of downsizing and reducing costs, switching from efficient BlackBerry's to consuming iOS/Android devices does not make sense. In our study, switching to iPhone's would have cost us extra millions per year in licensing/support costs.

(note, I carry both an iPhone 4S and a BlackBerry)

licensing for like a Good Technology or MobileIron solution? And were you seeing the 4x bandwidth cost increase from your data center's wireline IP provider, or in your wireless provider cost?

I wasn't part of the study, but our wireless team that was working and testing this concluded the costs for MobileIron vs BES (extra $60/year/device or so) + bandwidth costs (people tended to use an average of 4x more data due to app installs, increased browsing, etc) could not justify converting everyone to iPhones. The excess cost to the organization would be in the millions annually, for an inferior email/productivity experience.

Also, if I can ask, are your end users primarily using the devices for email, or custom apps shifting data over the wireless network? Very interested in the use case. Thanks very much!

Do you guys know how the Mobile Fusion product will work with ios/Android/BBX or Playbook devices? We have BES and Good for Enterprise and lock down Activesync. I'm curious what the future for securing devices will look like going forward? BES and Good both have a NOC so I'm curious is Activesync the future? It just doesn't seem to make sense from a security perspective.