Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile

By Rene Ritchie on 8 Oct 2013 10:35 am EDT

Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Daniel of Windows Phone Central, Derek of Mobile Nations, and Rene of iMore talk about the state of mobile. How many platforms is Android, what's happening with BlackBerry, can Microsoft deliver, and what's next for Apple?




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Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile


I surely hope so BirdMan. Maybe I am being paranoid, I just didn't like way he reponded to the question. It struck me as very odd that our fearless leader of CB wasn't keeping his famous moniker.

I think it was clear from the way Kevin was talking that his heart and focus has clearly moved on. But that 5s does look pretty darn cool, I have to say I'm impressed with the changes Apple have made.

Android starts out at Google the same. Then the phone manufacturers customize it, scale it down, add their own stuff etc for their device and the experience they want you to have. That is why Android is fragmented and always will be. Also note that the Android guy stated that most people off the street don't know this and believe all androids are the same. They are not and that is a problem in a secure environment or corporate one. It's easier to ru a business if all the devices are the same. We even did that with our design department. All the stations are exactly the same and when one changes, they all change. Otherwise you run into on going issues.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Wtf? You can't listen to a one hour podcast but you want the transcript which would probably take twice as long to read?

I might go off topic here but TBH BlackBerry shouldn't over produce smart phones like they did with BB10 , the supply exceeded the demand so they lost a lot of money. They should manufacture a small amount of phones, say 500,000 globally. Then when stock runs out they produce another 500,000 ( depending on the demand) and so on. And to fix their left over devices atm (Z10's and Q10's) they could do a trade-in-pay-less function ( which is what they did in Malaysia/ Indonesia if I'm not mistaken). They should also stop selling the legacy devices unless they sell well (in fact BB10 is in competition with the legacy devices, like wtf?). BlackBerry DESPERATELY need to work on their marketing big time. They should spend less money on production and more on marketing!!! The last thing I want is to be stuck with iOS and Android (how much would that suck?)

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