Mobile Nations 20: CES 2013 preview!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jan 2013 01:17 am EST

And we're kicking off 2013 the right way with an early Mobile Nations Podcast! I joined Phil, Daniel, and Rene to talk about CES 2013, what we all expect to see (and whether it's still relevant), then fight about ActiveSync, RIM vs. Microsoft, and what we all want to see from Apple, Google, and everyone going forward! I get into a few good BlackBerry 10 discussions on this one too, so it's a must-listen show.

Apologies for the video quality, we experienced severe technical problems during the recording of the show, and while we're providing it for those who really want it, we recommend sticking to audio for this episode.



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Mobile Nations 20: CES 2013 preview!


One thing I'd love to see from these video podcasts is a timeline. General timecodes for where conversations start and end, so that if I'm interested in one topic I can jump right to that point in the hour and a half!

CB team. I just read on CNNMoney that a 30 second ad for the Super Bowl (Feb. 3) cost $4 million. I can't see RIM missing out on an audience the size of what the SB gets (maybe it could be sponsored by RIM?). Perhaps you guys can touch on that topic when you get to chatting.

Quick question about BB10. Will apps have as much access to certain things that OS5,6or 7 had? For example, would developers be able to create apps to change the led colours? Or have animated wallpapers? Or will this entire loved thing about the previous OS's be gone like in the current PB OS(though i still love it anyways)?

Damn't!!! I had the chance to be first but decided to watch the video..

I think is being very unfair, because they first used an advertising campaign that it was all free, just to Involve users and make them addicted to their sevices/applications such as (youtube, google search, googlemaps/earth, gmail, etc.) so now they are using that power as a monopoly, technically taking away from people the option to choose the platform they want, forcing them to use android or iphone, which are the platforms that have the google apps at 100%, while for the other platforms are not even at 50% and some like WP have no access to Google applications at all. shame on you

Daniel is dreaming in technicolour. The other two don't feel the vibrations under their feet. The predator is out there...he is hungry, he smells blood.
Hibernation is long. He craves the viscosity of their life-force on his tongue, the warmth of their blood pumping down his throat.
Many have felt emboldened while he slept, awaiting rebirth ; they have called themselves,"king of the jungle.".
Now, the King demands his tribute.
The hearts quicken, the ears listen...
But the first sign is the feel of hot breath on the neck...
Too late.
The King is dead...long live the King!!!!!!!!!!

hey Kevin
From your comments in the podcast, I didn't get the sense you are totally "drooling at the mouth" for BB10, and you think things are missing... Is this true???

Kevin, I also thought you were a little quiet. Is that you just being tactful and waiting to scream how awesome BB10 is going to be when it launches? Or, as oddball suggests, are some things not quite up to par?

We all know that analysts and the media have been bashing RIM for the last couple of years. There are way too many misleading reports out there. This helps drive the stock down. Billions are made by doing this. 

So BB10 is almost here? But how can this be? One top analyst said that BB10 will not be available till July 2013. Another top analyst said that RIM will burn all their cash and will never see 2013. A third one said that they will be obsolete before their new OS is ready. Rocco from seeking alphabet said that buying Rim shares is like catching a falling knife. Another writer said that RIM shares will trade for under $1.00 per share comes 2013. A top analyst gave RIM a 10% chance of surviving. Recently he changed it to 20%. Will he say 30% when Rim shows BB10 phones on January 30th, then up it to 40% when carriers receive the product? He will be up to 50% when the phones go on sale, then 60% if they sell well, and finally 70% if they are a hit. By this time, the share price will be up to $80.00 and the shorts will be chasing it. 

How could all these people be so wrong? So very wrong.

Do you get my point on how the Billions are made? They buy when the stock price is low, and sell it when it is high.