Mobile Nations 16: People who Do.

Mobile Nations 16: People who do things
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 May 2012 10:25 am EDT

It's been a while since we've recorded a Mobile Nations cross-site round table podcast, but yesterday we fired things up and got it done. On this show is Phil from Android Central, Derek from webOS Nation, Daniel from WPCentral, Gary from Mobile Nations, Rene from iMore and yours truly. 

On this one we talk iPhone 5 and iOS 6, BlackBerry 10, Samsung Galaxy S III and Jellybean, Windows 8, ecosystems vs. best of breed, and... the Facebook Phone. I gotta say, I almost felt out of practice on this one... but we're following up today with a CrackBerry Podcast so that'll be fun. But if you want to keep up with everything going on in mobile this is the show to listen to. This is Mobile Nations!




Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, let us know!


Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj.

Thanks to the Mobile Nations network of store for sponsoring this podcast, and to our fantastic live chat members for keeping us honest and making us smart!

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Mobile Nations 16: People who Do.


People who do cannot be ideological. They choose tools that fit their workflow. For me and for now, it's a Mac plus a PlayBook and getting ready for a BB10 phone. :)

You guys need to do another show based on the most recent announcement from RIM regarding the hiring of investment bankers.

Hey Kevin I just want to congratulate you and the others on the Mobile Nations webinars. Not only does everyone represent their nation well, but for the most part all are thoughtful, objective, and respectful of the others without bashing. It makes the content more valuable. Keep up the great work.

I agree with Kevin. The 40 million bb users who have left the blackberry tribe and settled for an android or ios device are just our there. I don't believe they're fully rehabilitated from all this crackberry addiction. All they need is a little of BB10 and they'll be coming back. When they do, the apps will start to come in since devs will realize that there's money in these bb devices. And rim'll be happy.

A little different take on the gestures for Blackberry 10. While it they might impede a few, my 67 year no-tech old mother-in-law loved it on the Playbook.

I also think that gestures could easily become the "next new/great thing" and that by leading in this area Google gets more "mindshare" from the technologically savvy who the crowd tend to follow.

I have similar concerns as Derek about a fully gesture based UI. I've heard a lot of people say things like Windows Phone or Android suck and don't work because they won't take the time to learn how it works. They're going to need to make sure people know how to use the phone basically just from seeing the ads if they want to make it popular.

Nothing is intuitive on any touchscreen other then pressing something on the screen that you want. People will learn, just like playbook users know how. Problem is getting the product to be purchased by more people then the playbook.

Where oh where are you tonight
Why don't you make my BB10 phone?
I've searched the world over and I know I found true love.
You make another and I will buy one...............

For those who are old enough to understand that one!!!!!

I want my BB10 phone!!!!!!!

Phil = jumped on android bandwagon in early stages
Derek = seems he has a temper and/or ADHD. Is not hard to piss off especially badmouthing webOs.
The windows guy = wieeerd. And I think he likes to keep to himself in real life
The middle bottom guy = who the hell is that
Rene = stereotypical gay manorisms.
Kevin = normal