Mobile Nations 12: 2011 Year in Review

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By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2011 11:55 am EST

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Daniel, Georgia, and Rene take at look at the year in mobile, from BlackBerry to Android, webOS to Windows Phone, iPad to iPhone. Highs, lows, great new devices, frustrating delays, devastating losses, and a look ahead to 2012. This is Mobile Nations!



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Mobile Nations 12: 2011 Year in Review


Kevin, Chris, Blaize et al

You guys should really figure a way to get some "callers" on your podcast. Hear the outrage of the people who have been mislead, for years now, by the co CEO's at RIMM. I have owned a Curve 8310, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Torch 9800 and now a Torch 9860 - hardly a "hater".

Their leadership has been pathetic.


These CLOWNS NEED TO GO!!!! They have, literally, lied to us for years now - in regards to - product launches, capabilities of said products and the like. ALWAYS delayed past the initial time of promotion at DevCon BlackBerry World et al.

And if you think I am being "hyperbolic" here - take a look at the stock price plunge and the market share plunge in the U. S.

Oh, and to show you how much of a "hater" I am - I just wrapped a brand new Bold 9900 for the "little lady"...She will love it....

Have their "lies" really drove you batshit crazy enough to carry on a conversation with yourself through comments?

Lost a few shekels, along the way, on the stock as well. These guys at Crackberry - who provide a nice service - can sit around like everything is "Peachy", or they can be advocates of change....Or, just wait for RIMM to implode and go talk about Droid....oh, they already appear to be pursuing that avenue...NM..

Kevin talks enough already, opening up phone lines would make the podcast a day long event, I'm sure. :P (jk Kevin, we heart you)

Great Podcast. Love listening to these Mobile Nations shows. Gives us Blackberry fans a better insight into the other devices out there.

Anyone else catch Kevin say that Blackberry will release 3G Blackberry 10 superphones
to T-mobile in early 2012 ?

Check 1:06:00

With all due respect to Kevin, I'm constantly disappointed by the myopic lack of respect for what the Storm and other touchscreen BB devices provided for some users. I have the fingers of a man that has used his hands for more than just typing on girlish sized keyboards for a living.

All of the physical BB keyboards slowed my typing down so much that their use made me miserable and who knows what I'd be using if the Storm never came out when it had.

Long live touch screen Blackberrys!

If BlackBerry wants to save the company...don't spend another penny on advertising! Take that money and spend it on app developers. We want APPS!!! Stock apps, weather apps, media apps, shopping apps, news apps, & GAMES!!!!! The best advertising is a happy consumer that loves showing off their phone.

BTW, Derek, I LOVED your video...HP could could sell WebOS with that video alone. Good job.

Yeah, what's with the "3G BB10 phones on T-Mobile line?" Kevin, you can't say that without providing follow-up info or laughing hysterically a second later because it's a joke. So what's the deal?

To a Crackberry Nation looking for any good news it was taken as real news and that RIM had realized that getting an HSPSA+ device out now was better than waiting for LTE to mature. Oh well, back to watching RIM's NA sales slide.