Mobile Mariner - Marine Forecasts, Tides and Live Weather Conditions on Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 12:37 pm EDT
Mobile Mariner - Marine Forecasts, Tides And Live Weather Conditions On Your BlackBerry

Granted, most users will not need this advanced of a weather application but for those out there with a need for these resources it could be quite a useful tool. Mobile Mariner is a specifically designed application for folks who live, work or play on the water. Some highlighted features are:

  • Marine forecasts from the NOAA National Weather Service. - A five day forecast is typically provided for each zone. You can select forecasts for all coastal United States and Great Lakes zones and continuously monitor up to 10 zones.
  • Tide information for primary NOAA tide stations including predicted and observed tides. - You can allow your smart phone to provide tide information based on your current location and you can also continuously monitor up to 10 stations. A simple click will provide a graph of tide data for the last 24 hours.
  • Current weather conditions  -from the tide stations including wind speed, wind heading, gusts, air and water temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity, where available. The data is updated every 6 minutes. With a simple click, the last 24 hours of data is available in graph format. 

Sadly, the application is not free. It's a subscription based service where you'll be charged $4.99/month for its use. But, with that there is a free 7 day trial offered so you can check it out before you commit. At this time, only US/Great Lakes weather stations are supported. Canada, UK and Alaska are coming in the Summer. OS 5.0 is supported here as for Storm devices, I cannot confirm it's not listed on their website at the moment. If you have a need for this, check it out. I'm interested in the feedback on how well it functions.

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Mobile Mariner - Marine Forecasts, Tides and Live Weather Conditions on Your BlackBerry


Or... you could wander over the CB store and pick up Tideberry. Nice little tide app once you get over the $10 price of admission. OTOH, no subscription fees-

Although not every one may choose this paid app, it is nice to see an advanced app of this caliber for the BB outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

simply use weather underground @

it has forecasts, noaa waather and tides.. animated radar etc etc..

This app is the biggest waste of money you could probally spend on your BB. It cost $60/year for information you can get easily from mobile websites. NOAA itself has a mobile site for buoy readings.