What's the latest from Mobile Innovations at BlackBerry Live

By James Richardson on 15 May 2013 02:22 pm EDT

We've featured Mobile Innovations here on CrackBerry many a time. The company - among other things - are focused on providing software and hardware solutions for law enforcement agencies. Many Police forces now use the BlackBerry PlayBook both in car and hand held but with the PlayBook now being a couple of years old and no new BlackBerry tablet news on the horizon I was interested to speak with Gary Bauer from Mobile Innovations to see how things are going and also what the future holds for them.

It isn't all PlayBook stuff for Mobile Innovations - they have there fingers in many a pie but with Gary being here at BlackBerry Live and feeling so positive about BlackBerry 10 I couldn't resist catching up with him.

With BlackBerry 10 now rolled out globally the future remains bright for Mobile Innovations as you will see in the video. Fingers crossed we will have some UK Police news coming in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled.

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What's the latest from Mobile Innovations at BlackBerry Live


Good way to smooth things over after being arrested, "hey, so what do you guys think about the BlackBerry PlayBook? Working well for ya? I love playing Reckless getaway on mine. "

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What's the latest for BB LIVE? Anymore announcements? They only did announcements the first day? Today seems to be a bit of a buzzkill....

So if the PlayBook is so well received with the police forces around the globe how come it is not being mentioned at all during this conference??? Where is the long term commitment by blackberry for this investment? How about BB10 for PlayBook? Some news please!!!

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