Mobile HotSpot for BlackBerry 7.1 shown off in video

By Bla1ze on 2 Nov 2011 01:57 pm EDT

With Mobile HotSpot having now been shown off a few times here on the blogs and in the CrackBerry forums through images, the folks from bjxiaoc have also decided to go ahead and do up a video for us all. It's not much really but it's cool to see it in action and hopefully by now someone else has gotten their hands on the OS to see if the HotSpot feature can be stripped and made available to devices currently running BlackBerry 7. Better yet -- RIM coould just release it, that'd be nice.

Source: bjxiaoc

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Mobile HotSpot for BlackBerry 7.1 shown off in video


Everything leaking, being caught on camera, etc. is now coming from China. I wonder what's going on with that? Why that song for the video too? Haha.

I miss the days of Sal et al. and the North American boys giving a dang about BlackBerry. :)

Well, now that BB is in the Chinese market they are kind of driving it, china has 3 times more cell phone users than people in all north america, it's understandable that RIM is focusing on them...

I'm hoping this comes fairly soon, and I'm really hoping that carrier reticence doesn't result in it's showing up very late/never.

PlayBook Bridge over WiFi would be nice, too.

OK. So now the question: is that wi-fi hotspot feature working over TCP/IP connection or is going through BIS/BES connection?
I am asking this, because my carrier charges different for BIS/BES traffic and TCP/IP traffic.
I have tried bluetooth tethering using the Tether app and this is going through TCP/IP connection on my BlackBerry. Will the wi-fi hotspot be going through the same TCP/IP connection like bluetooth tethering?
If so, this will be quite different than the Bridge connection. As far as I know - from the CrackbBerry forum, of course ;) - the Playbook browser is working through BIS while the bridge browser is working through BES, all this while bridge connection is employed between BlackBerry and Playbook.

This is one of default test tools on pre-release devices. I have these on latest OS7 devices and i believe it was also back on OS5. They have also bug reporting tool and the one that detects system errors and hangs and sends report automatically.

I was interested as they went through the screens at around the 2:11 mark (just after the webkit) , a mention of the Android Open Software Project. Hmmm! I'm just sayin' is all.

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The "Android Open Software Project" screen isn't all that new. It showed up after my upgrade to on my Torch 9850. What I did find odd is the screen after that that shows "TomTom" at the top. Is a new navigation app coming out for BB devices from them?