Mobile HotSpot caught running on a BlackBerry Torch 9810 with OS 7.1

By Bla1ze on 1 Nov 2011 03:46 am EDT
Mobile HotSpot

We've known for quite some time now that during RIM's initial testing of OS 6.1 which, later turned into OS 7 that the wireless HotSpot feature was something they were hoping to include. As we know it, BlackBerry 7 was released on various devices and that feature was nowhere to be found. Carrier information has shown on more then one occasion it will be included with later OS updates but RIM will neither confirm nor deny that it even exists.

That leads us to BlackBerry 7.1, the update purported to have the HotSpot feature built-in. It's been in testing for quite a while now and while and while we've heard plenty about it -- we've not seen anything from it until now. Over at bjxiaoc they've managed to post up some purported images of a BlackBerry Torch 9810 running OS that shows HotSpot baked into the OS.

When will it roll out? We don't know. Taking these images under consideration OS 7.1 is still fairly young and if RIM follows their normal release patterns a consumer release won't make its way to carriers until they are in - at the very least - .100 revisions but no telling how old these images are nor the OS itself. Either way, take a look -- and let's hope RIM knocks this out to at least a few BlackBerry 7 devices soon enough. Since the OS is out there, maybe it will leak.

Mobile HotSpot
Mobile HotSpot
Mobile HotSpot
Mobile HotSpot

Source: bjxiaoc; via: Twitter

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Mobile HotSpot caught running on a BlackBerry Torch 9810 with OS 7.1


It wouldn't have been posted if we had reason to believe it was fake. :)

That said; grain of salt -- like everything else, a rumor until it isn't.

Just place comment on the same subject in other sites. Can't wait to get O/S 7.1 (hopefully for 9900 will be available soon), also for Mobile Hotspot feature.

The bigger question is, how does the connection work? Does the phone hide the data flow to the hotspot connected devices so your carrier thinks its just your phone (like the program Tether does) or do you need to add a tethering plan to your cell phone plan,for this to work? Something Bell wants and extra $75 a month for here in Canada.

Verizon would never let it past carrier approval if they can't find a way to meter it, block it, and profit off of it. I wouldn't for a second put it past this community to make a hybrid OS for VZW's devices that would work. (Good luck 'berryhackrz!)

I'm with Bell and have a 1gb data plan. Was tokd that I could tether a PB for free with my plan. So I don't know where you got 75$ from. What was said to me was tethering is included with my plan

I am on a fantastic old T-Mobile unlimited data plan that includes tethering. T-Mobile sees no difference between tethering via cable and tethering via WiFi hotspot, so for me, if this feature is put into an OS for the 9900, my tablets will have data access at no additional charge to me.

Wonder if this also means a upgrade to BES is coming. If a carrier is going to charge for this or not im sure a few companies would like to control the feature, especially if there is a cost of security implication.

I'm kinda new to this smart phone stuff But right now I can connect my 9900 to my computer with a USB cable and get the internet through it..throught it's cell signal. I get 1265 kbps download speed. Oh it's with Telus and I set it up with the Blackberry Desktop Software. Phone is on version .440. Is that not a mobile hotspot? It's under tools (Mobile internet) Change setting to Telus ISP and it works! Be nice to the Noob!

This feature should allow for the same thing only using WiFi rather than connecting with your USB cable. So devices that cannot run Blackberry Desktop like an iPad could connect to your Blackberry with WiFi and share the Blackberry's cellular connection to your data plan.

Try using Bluetooth instead of your USB cable to tether to your laptop -- then it really is almost like you have a Wifi hotspot.

but you have to install the desktop manager.

Tablets/Pads will not work with it.

I want to buy a Pad but not an Playbook (as it is just to expensive here/400+ EUR 16GB) and limited. (200 EUR and I would buy one ;) )

So I was hoping to use the 9900 as mobile hotspot but honestly I doubt I will ever get it.

Everything I've read about it says: it depends on the carrier... so only two options are realistic
a) not allowed b) additional charges (for nothing as this is already paid/data plan WFG)

So I will probably buy an Tablet incl. 3G. This will cost me addintional ~100€ and arround 10€ for a 1GB dataplan...

how is this feature not available? blackberry has become such a joke. wifi hotspot has been around on other devices for at least 2 years. 9900 has failed in so many ways. more bugs than i have seen on previous models and this is suppose to be 7 series os. internet browser is still way too slow and limited. Previous essential features like uma have been "replaced" by "wifi calling" which still isn't available. Camera/camcorder is a joke, processor is comparable to entry level android phones, and battery life is poor. all this wrapped up with a ridiculous price tag. T-mobile 9900 is expected to get the update with wifi calling, hotspot, and nfc some time in November, but i wouldn't hold my breathe since the phone was originally set for launch in June and didn't get released until September. keep your fingers crossed for an update in 2011!

sorry for the rant, I'm salty because this phone has been a disappointment.

I am also disappointed (mobile hotspot/flash/apps) but you wrote a few things which are not correct!

the browser is anything but slow! it is on the same level as android/iphones I have seen/used up to OS 2.3.x or iOS4. I won't say faster but not slow.

On tests like sunspider it is even fast with 2,800ms and was one of the fasted when tested (of course the new phones which released in the last 2-3 month could be faster, alot)

The phones is overpriced about at least 100€ (started with 550€ here) considering the fine keyboard and display and nice "feeling" feeling it. Just CPU and Display-resolution probably 200€ overpriced (which is not very fair as this deviced have less memory and just touch screens, or Nokia E6 eek! ;) )

It is not an high end device compared to the duel core 10" monsteres which are the high end on IOS or Android but it is not entry level. That would be 600-800mhz at the moment, and even at the end of this year 1Ghz is not entry level. It is medium level.

But of course as we all know (at least since Intel P4) Ghz says nothing of how fast a cpu is.

CPU+GPU on OS7 is fast, of course the OS is not new: still memory issues after a while and sometimes a reset/reboot/battpull is needed which takes just too long to do. (3-15 minutes on my device, 15 I was already thinking of a bricking scenario and was releaved as it showed me the homescreen)

hmmm while writing this I got an issue with the bb browser -> stupid ;)

if we ever get the wifi spot feature, will the carriers charge tethering fee to use it? or, a wi-fi spot fee? if that's the case, RIM, don't feel the need to rush this feature out the door. Rather fix other OS 7 features such as random resets, slow app download, battery life, etc

Actually the SP is China Unicom, not China Mobile. Yes, it is real. I know the guy running OS7.1 on 9810 for at least a week or so maybe. It is a test OS and not that stable yet. Probably will meet him tomorrow and if time will take closer look and have some chat.
Lets hope will have it soon as leaked OS, or even official one.

RIM is really fallin behind rather than trying to catch up- Wifi Hotspot, Widi & UMA should have come standard out of the box. At the very least they should have explained why they didn't include these features (like due to carriers stringent requierements etc.) and possibly even a statement saying something along the lines 'We're sorry for the lack there of, of these services but we are working with the carriers to included these features in the near future' etc...